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332nd Infantry Firsthand Accounts
by the Soldiers of the Regiment
Unit Histories Diaries Letters
( These items tend to corroborate each other in the broad history of the 332nd Infantry Regiments activities but certain details may vary due to the differences in personnel / unit assignments / duties.)

Lettau, Joseph L. In Italy With the 332nd Infantry. Youngstown, O.: J.L. Lettau, 1921.

Anon. (ca 1919). Roaring "B" History of Company B, 332nd Infantry Regiment, n.p.

Hart, W. C., United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 332nd. Company D, (1917-1919) (1920). The company log from September 7th, 1917 to May 2nd, 1919. Place of publication not identified: publisher not identified.
Note: In this copy,t
he beginning pages of "The Log"  (pages 5-8) are located after the end of the narrative (page 65), the "Chronology" (page66), the photographs of "The Enlisted Personnel" (pp 67-71) and the "In Memorium" page (page 72) and just before the "Roster" (page 73).

Littlefield, C. O.(1919), History of Company E, 332nd Infantry from Departure Overseas to Return and Discharge. n.p.

The Company. (1919). Company "I", 332nd Infantry in the great World War. Place of publication not identified: .

Woodruff, F. R., & Doyle, J. B. (1918). History of Company K: Work of Company K, 332nd United States Infantry in the great war. Steubenville, Ohio: H.C. Cook.

Chronology of the Machine Gun Company, 332nd Infantry. (1919). United States: Machine Gun Co.

Reinert, Frederick G. With the 332 Reg. in '18 Italy '19 Cartoons and Sketches. Cleveland: F.G. Reinert, 1919. Print.

Wallace, W., Hart, W. C., & Conelly, G. W. (1921). Ohio Doughboys in Italy. Pleasantville, N.J.: Penhallow Press, Inc.   
Note: this book is a compilation of articles published in the periodical The Soldiers' and sailors' bulletin. (1920-22). Atlantic City, N.J.

Speakman, H. (1919). From a Soldier's Heart. New York: Abingdon Press.  

Wallace, William. The United States 332nd Infantry’s Italian Campaign, in typescript, unpub., ca. 1921

Story, Austin P. HISTORY OF THE 332nd U.S. INFANTRY IN WORLD WAR I  , in typescript, unpub., ca. 1965

Rendigs, A. A., Jr. (1919). 332nd INFANTRY U.S.A. WORLD WAR I, in typescript, self-published. , ca. 1980

Ferris Wellman Myrice; Transcripts of the diary of a Deshler, Ohio man, kept while in service with Company L of the 332nd Infantry in Italy during World War I:

Stephenson, G A. War Letters of the 332nd Infantry Regiment, American Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1919. Place of publication not identified: Stephenson Enterprises, 2009. Print.

Stephenson, G E, and G A. Stephenson. Morale Duty with the 332nd Infantry Regiment in Italy, 1918-1919: The WWI Diary of G. Everette Stephenson, Musician 2nd Class. Place of publication not identified: Stephenson Enterprises, 2009. Print.

La voce del Tagliamento : numero unico della 10. Armata anglo-italo-americana edito a cura dell'11. Corpo d'armata italiano, San Vito al Tagliamento 3 Novembre—Gorizia, Natale 1918 [The Voice of the Tagliamento: Unique Number of the 10th Army English-Italian-American published by the 11th Italian Army Corps], Trench Newspaper  

     • See pages 4 and 5 for articles written and illustrated by members of the 332nd Infantry Regiment  [probably written by Battalion Sgt. Major Joseph L. Lettau with cartoons by Pvt. Fred Reinert, Co. “B”] 

     • On-line Source of pages containing articles about the 332nd Infantry: La Biblioteca di storia moderna e contemporanea:

Stars and Stripes: The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919. Washington, DC: The Library of Congress, 2003. Internet resource.
January 24, 1919; Page 4, Columns 4 & 5:  AMERICA IN ITALY [by Battalion Sgt Maj Lettau, 332nd Infantry Regiment ]


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