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WWI Period Publications
that include the
332nd Infantry Regiment

Books Articles  Photograph Collections etc

Bakewell, C. M. (1920). The story of the American Red Cross in Italy[ On-line version  ;  Chapter IX, pages157-169 about 332d Infantry and other US military in Italy in WWI ]

Young Men's Christian Associations. National War Work Council. Summary of World War Work of the American Y.M.C.A.: With the Soldiers And Sailors of America At Home, On the Sea, And Overseas. New York, 1920.
[ American YMCA in WWI Italy:  pages 63-6   ; YMCA with the 332nd Infantry: pages 65-6  ]

Smucker, John R. Commemorative History Published by the United States Army Ambulance Service Association: In Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Establishment of the USAAS and the Founding of Camp Crane, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Allentown, Pa.: Schlechter, 1967.
[ on-line version:   — US Army Ambulance Service in Italy & units that served the 332nd Infantry:  Chapter Five: The Italian Contingent “Columbus We Are Here"  ;     Appendix C: Service in Italy  ]

Stars and Stripes: The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919. Washington, DC: The Library of Congress, 2003. Internet resource.

     December 20, 1918; Page 5, Column 1:  LOST A.E.F. LEGIONS ON CHRISTMAS MAP

     January 3, 1919; Page 4, Column 5:  AMERICA'S EFFORT: A BRITISH TRIBUTE

     January 24, 1919; Page 4, Columns 4 & 5:  AMERICA IN ITALY[ by 332nd Inf Battalion Sgt Maj Lettau]

     January 31, 1919; Page, 3, Column 1 :  A.E.F. BARDS SEEK FAME AND FRANCS IN SONG CONTEST

     March 14, 1919; Page 1, Column 3:  BATTLE FLAGS TO CARRY TOKENS OF A.E.F. UNITS' WORK

     April 11, 1919; Page 5, Columns 4 & 5:  A.E.F. REGIMENT ON ITALIAN FRONT SAW BIT OF ACTION

     May 16, 1919; Page 2, Column 4:  4 JUGO-SLAV BRIDES IN 332ND INFANTRY

     May 16, 1919; Page 5, Column 7:  PIONEER MEMORIES IN ITALIAN P.E.S.. [Postal Express Service]

     May 30, 1919; Page 1, Column 2:  ITALIANS LEARN HORRORS OF PEACE

Merriam, Charles E. “American Publicity in Italy.” The American Political Science Review, vol. 13, no. 4, 1919, pp. 541–555.

American Battle Monuments Commission. (1927). A Guide to the American Battle Fields in Europe. [With maps.]. Washington. [ World War I Historic Reference Book Now Available on  —   PDF of entire book available for download   ;   section covering the 332nd Infantry  see Chapter VIII:  ]

Moore, William E. U.S. Official Pictures of the World War: Showing America's Participation. Official Pictorial Fund ed Washington, D.C.: Pictorial Bureau, 1921.   [ Volume 2:  photographs of the 332d Infantry in Italy beginning on page 437:  ]

Mackey, Frank J, and Marcus W. Jernegan. Forward March: The Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post War Social Upheaval. Chicago: Disabled American Veterans of the World War, Dept. of Rehabilitation, 1937. Print. [ On-line version: 332nd Infantry images pp222-27  ]

Ohio. Adjutant-General's Dept. The Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers, Sailors And Marines In the World War, 1917-18 ... [Columbus: The F. J. Heer Printing Co., 1926-29  [ All Volumes 1-23 available on-line ]

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