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Modern Warriors of World War I

 36 Division 142 Infantry Company E in FranceAmerican Indian soldiers of Company E, 142nd Infantry, 36th Division in France. Courtesy of Oklahoma Historical Society.

Modern Warriors of World War I

The Sequoyah National Research Center has created the Modern Warriors of World War I database to identify all 12,000 American Indian and Alaska Native servicemen. The goal is to create as complete a record as possible for each man that served, so that their legacy of bravery and sacrifice will be remembered. In addition to utilizing archival records and publications in our efforts to identify these men, we have also reached out to American Indian Nations, organizations, and individuals to compile the current list. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following: Jennifer Shaw, Courtney Peyketewa, Lena Nells (Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes), Gary McAdams (Wichita & Affiliated Tribes), Lanny Asepermy (Comanche Nation), Betty Oppenheimer (Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe), Elizabeth Perry, Archives of Arvid E. Miller Historical Library Museum, Véronique Lozano for Muscogee (Creek) elder Sam Proctor in memory of his uncle Pvt. Sam Beaver, and the numerous individuals, who have sent in names of their loved ones who served. Their assistance has been invaluable.

We also invite anyone who has an American Indian or Alaska Native relative who served in the war to contact us, so that his efforts are remembered. Contact can be made directly to Erin Fehr at ehfehr@ualr.edu or 501-569-8336 or via this online submission portal: https://ualr.edu/sequoyah/wwi/. Additionally, if any information is incorrect, please contact us in the same manner. We have tried our best to make sure that tribal affiliations are accurate, but mistakes may be made due to incorrect original documentation. We have indicated with an asterisk every person who has been verified by a family member, tribe, or found on official tribal rolls. There are several men who have no tribal affiliation next to their name and instead say "unknown." We know through a variety of records that they are Native, but have no further information. Please let us know any additional facts so that the database can be updated.



AbenakiTahamont, Robert JamesCPL2 Inf Co C NJ NGLake George, NYNYCarlisle
Absentee ShawneeEllis, JessePFC 90 Div 357 Inf HQ CoShawnee, OKOK
Absentee ShawneeForeman, Howard JohnSAUSS Silver ShellShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Absentee ShawneeFox, EdwardPVTArmyShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Absentee ShawneePensoneau, Narcise P.CPL42 Div 165 Inf Co KShawnee, OKOK
Absentee ShawneeSpybuck, ThomasPVTMarines 5 Reg Co 42Tecumseh, OKOKCarlisle
Absentee ShawneeStarr, HenryPVT90 Div 357 Inf Co CShawnee, OKOK
Absentee ShawneeWashington, Walter*PVT57 Inf Med DetShawnee, OKOK
Acoma PuebloChino, FranciscoAlbuquerque
Acoma PuebloGarcia, AmadoPFC28 Div 110 Inf Co KAcomita, NMNMSherman / Albuquerque
Acoma PuebloMiller, Frank H.MUS363 FA HQ CoAcoma, NMNM
Acoma PuebloVallo, RomeroMUS5 Cav HQ TrpAcomita, NMNMAlbuquerque
Acoma PuebloWhite, Frank*PFC40 Div 157 Inf Co D / 77 Div 305 Inf Co BAcomita, NMNMSherman / Albuquerque
Alaska NativeChagin, AfanasicSNNavyUnalaska, AKAK
Alaska NativeGueffe, EugeneMUSArmy AKChemawa
Alaska NativeHoskins, AlexanderSNNavyAKCushman
Alaska NativeJackson, George E.MM2USS MarbleheadAKChemawa
AleutAnderson, Gabriel F.Fireman 1 clNavyUnalaska, AKAKChemawa
AleutBeyer, John WilliamPVT2 Div 5 Marines Co GValdez, AKAKChemawa
AleutFratis, Simon JohnSC3USNRFSt. Paul Island, AKAKChemawa
AleutMelovidoff, Frank ChristopherShipfitterNavyAK
AleutMelovidov, Alexander SimeonMUS1NavySt. Paul Island, AKAKChemawa
AleutOrloff, Nicholas JohnSN2NavyCordova, AKAKChemawa
AleutReed, Thomas ButlerAnvik, AKAKHampton
AleutSwanson, ManuelNavy BandKenai, AKAKChemawa
Aleut ?Lee, J.FiremanNavyAK
AlseaJackson, JosephCPLNavyMarshfield, OROR
ApacheAreialo, Emilio42 Div 168 Inf Co GLaredo, TXTX
ApacheBetchait, OliverPVTArmy Reserves / AARD 327 Trp AAnadarko, OKOK
ApacheBullock, JohnCPL91 Div 364 Inf Co MWhite River, AZAZSherman
ApacheClark, FerdinandPFC2 Div 2 Eng Co BHillsboro, DEDE
ApacheEstrada, Juan G.PVT5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FEleyira, TXTX
ApacheGonzales, JuanWagoner89 Div 340 FA Sup CoYuma, AZAZ
ApacheGooday, RobertPVTArmyOKHaskell
ApacheHardman, James G.Saddler110 Trench Mtr BtryAnadarko, OKOK
ApacheKenei, Sam T.PVTArmy ReservesMescalero, NMNM
ApacheMarfil, GregorioPVT32 Div 126 Inf Co FDouglas, AZAZ
ApacheMethvin, Frank Burns*CPL90 Div 357 Inf Co MAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheNaiche, GeorgeAlbuquerque
ApacheNata, LibeAlbuquerque
ApacheNicholas, DanielArmyAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheSaddleblanket, Peter (Homer)*ArmyCaddo, OKOK
ApacheSoontay, HowardPVTCAC 75 Reg Bn EAnadarko, OKOK
ArapahoBates, HenryPVTVet CorpsCanton, OKOK
ArapahoBitchensen, Hudson H.PVTArmyOK
ArapahoBlack Horse, DanPVT80 Div Co DColony, OKOK
ArapahoBrown, Joe L.WY
ArapahoCedartree, Charles Joshua*SNNavyWatonga, OKOKPhoenix / Chilocco
ArapahoCurtis, CharlesPVTBase Hosp, Camp TravisOK
ArapahoHolland, PhilipPVTArmyConcho, OKOK
ArapahoLittle Chief, Leo6 Cav Trp EOKChilocco
ArapahoLockwood, Hudson H.PVTArmyGeary, OKOKPhoenix
ArapahoMiller, GrantMUS2 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOKHaskell
ArapahoOldman, SethPVTArmyOKPhoenix
ArapahoSankey, RobertCPL44 Co Prov Grp 4 MG Trn CenterCanton, OKOKHaskell
ArapahoSeger, Donald HomerPVT1 Reg Co EColony, OKOKHampton
ArapahoShawnee, HenryPVT90 Div 343 MG BnGreenfield, OKOKKIAHaskell
ArapahoSleeper, John KendricksPVT4 Rec Bn Co 13Calumet, OKOKHampton
ArapahoSpotted Horse, ArmstrongPVTGen Svc Inf Co 9Colony, OKOK
ArapahoWatan, PhilipBugler34 Div 15 Bn Co 32Colony, OKOK
ArapahoWhiteman, Alfred *PFC36 Div 131 MG Bn Co ACantonment, OKOK
ArapahoWilliams, Bill*PVTCanton, OKOK
Arapaho Risingbear, BretPVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ECalumet, OKOK
Arapaho, NorthernAddison, BurtArmyShoshone, WYWY
Arapaho, NorthernWhite Antelope, RalphArmyArapaho, WYWY
Arikara (MHA)Alone, Charles18 Inf
Arikara (MHA)Deane, William J .*PFC15 Div 43 Inf Co LElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Fox, CharlesPVT32 Div 128 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Fox, ErnestPVT88 Div 352 Inf Co A / 163 Dep Brig Co 10Elbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Hawk, Richard Y.ArmyElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Hopkins, DanielPVT33 Inf Sup CoElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Hopkins, HarveyPFC88 Div 352 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Jones, MorganElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Perkins, HenryPVT15 Div 43 Inf Co FFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Price, StephenElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Red Fox, Ernest J.PVT163 Dep Brig Co 10Elbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Rogers, Thomas EverettSGT13 Div 44 Inf HQ / 1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Star, Philip WardPVT15 Div 43 Inf Co HRee, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Winans, RobertPVT163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Yellow Bird, Charles13 Div 44 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Young Hawk, JoePFC1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxArchambeau, DavidPVT91 Div 362 Inf HQ CoChemawa
Assiniboine SiouxEdgar, MartinPFC32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co AFort Benton, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxHawley, Alvin BissellCPL40 Div 159 Inf HQ CoWhitlash, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxKnight, Clarence A.Gunners Mate 1CNavyPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxKnight, Frank W.FiremanNavyPoplar, MTMTChilocco
Assiniboine SiouxLavendure, Ralph348 FA Btry A
Assiniboine SiouxMahto, TedSFC803 Pioneer Inf Med CorpFort Yates, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxMinugh, William91 Div 362 Inf Co DMT
Assiniboine SiouxOhlerking, WilliamSGT89 Div 353 Inf Co MSavoy, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxProctor, Steve*PVT77 Div 207 InfFort Peck, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxRobins, FrankArmyFort Peck, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxSears, Lewis EdwardArmyChilocco
Assiniboine SiouxSmith , William R.Band CPL28 Div 27 Inf HQ Co / 25 Inf Co LPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxSnell, GeorgeCPL136 Inf Co DSDFlandreau
Assiniboine SiouxSteele, MeadeCPL1 Div 18 Inf HQ Co / 6 FA BandPoplar, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine Sioux / Santee SiouxKnorr, Joseph C.CPL5 Div 49 Inf Co LPoplar, MTMTFlandreau
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaAshmun, William J.PFC32 Div 127 Inf MG CoAuTrain, MIMI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBamasa, Charles, Jr.PVTArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBamasa, DuffyArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBasina, John, Jr.PVTArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBresette, William Charles*SGT9 CoOdanah, WIWIHaskell
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCadotte, AlexanderPFC32 Div 127 Inf Co IBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCloud, John M.*PVTBase Hosp, Shelby, MSOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDenomie, Edward S.*CPL32 Div 128 Inf Sup CoOdanah, WIWITomah
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDurant, Edward F.PFC32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaHolmes, Richard Eugene*CPLArmyKettle River, MNMNCarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKajune, James F.PVT161 Dep BrigSawyer, WIWIHayward
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaLafernier, Joseph F.*NavyWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSevalier, Walter G.PVT5 Div 7 Eng Co FBrule, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaShecag, JohnPVTMed CorpsOdanah, WIWIChilocco
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky , Francis JosephPVT32 Div MG CoOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky , John A., Jr.CPL32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWIKIA
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaWiggins, Samuel*Gunner's Mate 3clNavyWI
Bay Mills ChippewaLeBlanc, Alfred J.*PVT7 Div 56 InfBrimley, MIMIKIA
Bay Mills ChippewaTeeple, Angus OliverSGT32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
BlackfeetArmstrong, JesseSNNavyMT
BlackfeetBarrera, Thomas G.SGT2 Div 23 Inf MG CoFort Bliss, OKOK
BlackfeetBatoche, Samuel J.CPLCanadian Army Browning, MTMT
BlackfeetBurd, HenryArmyBrowning, MTMTChemawa
BlackfeetConnolly, John PVT 163 Inf Co CBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetFord, ArthurPFC32 Div 126 Inf Co BMissoula, MTMT
BlackfeetGuardipe , Eli S.PVT43 Aero SquadBrowning, MTMTGenoa
BlackfeetJackson , Hugh W. CPL2 Div 23 Inf Co DBrowning, MTMTChemawa / Genoa
BlackfeetKennerly, JamesPFCArmyBrowning, MTMTChemawa / Carlisle
BlackfeetKennerly, Jerome*PVT158 Aero Squad Sig CorpsBrowning, MTMTCarlisle
BlackfeetSellew, Ralph W.PFC2 Div 17 FA HQBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetSherman, RobertArmyBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetStone, Dewey FrankSNUSS MississippiBrowning, MTMTGenoa
BlackfeetWelch, LloydPVTArmyBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetWhitedog, HenryPVTUSS Nevada 1 Reg Co FBend, OROR
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaAnderson, JohnPVTArmyMNVermilion Lake
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBrown, AlbertNavyMN
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBrown, ThomasNavyNett Lake, MNMN
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaGoodday, NedSNNavyNett Lake, MNMN
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKadub, BenNavyNett Lake, MNMN
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKadub, CalvinArmyTower, MNMNVermillion Lake
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKnott, JosephSNNavyNett Lake, MNMNVermillion Lake
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSucker, Antoine*NavyNett Lake, MNMNVermilion Lake
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSullivan, Frank Jonas*ArmyNett Lake, MNMNChilocco
Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior ChippewaWhiteman, John*NavyVermilion Lake
BrothertownHammer, ByronWagoner 35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co BFond du Lac, WIWIHaskell
BrothertownHammer, MyronArmyWIHaskell
BrothertownKindness, Lloyd FrancisPFC42 Div 150 MG Bn Co BOshkosh, WIWI
BrothertownNiles, Herman ArthurPFC32 Div 121 MG Bn Co DBrothertown, WIWICarlisle
CaddoBeaver, GeorgePVT165 Dep Brig 19 Bn Co HAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoBedoka, Maurice M.*CPLSATC Univ OK Radio Sec BAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoBingham, HaskellPVTCAC 67 Art Btry CMinco, OKOK
CaddoBingham, JackPVT90 Div 357 Inf Co LMinco, OKOK
CaddoBrown, James C.PVT9 Tn CoAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCaddo, JosephArmy
CaddoCampbell, JamesPVTMed Det 9 FAAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoCarter, Charles L.PFCCAC Btry CAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCarter, Earl A.PVTArmyAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCurtis, RobertPVT10 Div 70 Inf Co BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoDoshinko, GroverMUS291 Div 363 Inf / 8 Div 13 Inf HQ CoAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoDowning, John D.PVT3 AA BtryAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoDunlap, HarrisonPVT26 Div 326 Fld Sig CorpsAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoEdge, Frank*PVT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co FAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoEdmonds, HoustonCPL18 Div 54 FA Btry EAnadarko, OKOKAnadarko Indian School
CaddoEllis, James, Jr.PVTMed DeptAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoGaren, Howard L.PVT3 AA BtryAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoHalfmoon, Edgar*PVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoHarry, HughPVTEvac Hosp 33Binger, OKOK
CaddoJames, JesseArmyBinger, OKOK
CaddoJohnson, FrancisPVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoMartin , MikePVT18 Div 85 Inf Co KAnadarko, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoMunrow, William RossPVT90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoMurrow, William RossPFC4 Div 47 Inf Co H / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoParton, Harrison B.PFC1 Div 2 Fld Sig Bn Co CAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoPinkston, Elmer110 MP Co BOK
CaddoShemamy, James PatrickPFC26 Div 102 Inf Co D / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoSheyahshe, GeorgeCPL18 Div 54 FA Btry EAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoWilliams, Charles*Band CPL 35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngAnadarko, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle / Sherman
CaddoWilliams, James B.PFC4 Div 39 Inf Co M / 4 Div 47 Inf Co MBinger, OKOK
CaddoWilliams, James*PVT8 Div 62 Inf Co A / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoWilliams, Vernon C.*NavyOK
CaddoWilliams, WilliamSGT18 Div 54 FA Btry ECaddo, OKOKChilocco
CaddoWilson, Samuel B.MUS389 Div 355 Inf HQ CoBinger, OKOK
CahtoWhite, RobertArmyLaytonville, CACA
CahuillaCosto, Martin Anthony*Blacksmith 1clNavyCahuilla, CACA
Cahuilla Band of Mission IndiansLubo, SenonEngineman 2 clUSS Illinois Cahullia, CACASherman
Cass LakeShushugah, BenMarinesMN
CataragasPayne, Howard B.Wagoner2 Div 15 FA Sup CoMaynard, IAIA
CatawbaBrown, John EarlyPVTRock Hill, SCSC
CatawbaSanders, Lewis ErnestPFCQMCRock Hill, SCSC
CayugaJamison, Franklin FrancisBand SGT17 Div 29 Inf HQ CoCattaraugus Res, NYNYHampton
CayugaJimerson, ClintonCPLTrans Corps Co 50Salamanca, NYNY
Cayuga / SenecaWarrior, Nelson Wagoner78 Div 309 Inf Sup CoVersailles, NYNY
CayuseBill, PhilipPVTArmy
CayuseElk, HenryUmatilla, OROR
CayuseLuton, SamuelSNNavyUmatilla, ORORChemawa
CayuseMenthorn, GroverCPL77 Div 306 Inf Co GPendleton, OROR
CayuseMinthorn, WadeUmatilla, OROR
CayuseMinthorn, WilburArmyUmatilla, OROR
CayuseMinthorn, WilfordPVTArmyUmatilla, OROR
CayusePerry, JosephNavyPendelton, OROR
CayuseRedford, WalterPVTArmyPendleton, OROR
CayuseShowaway, AbrahamUnderwood, WAWAChemawa
CayuseThomas, JohnPVTArmyPendleton, OROR
ChehalisDavis , Alvin E.PFC32 Div 126 Inf Co BGate City, WAWA
ChehalisJack, David D.PVTArmyWACushman
ChehalisJohnson, GeorgeCPL2 Div 23 Inf Co CBay Center, WAWA
ChehalisSecena, Jefferson D.PFC44 Inf HQ CoPuyallup, WAWAChemawa / Cushman
ChehalisThomas, FrankArmyWACushman
ChemehueviSmith, BurkePVTNavyParker, AZAZ
ChemehueviTapia, Rafael W.PVT97 Div Cas Camp Co AParker, AZAZ
CherokeeAdair, Floyd *PVTArmyOK
CherokeeAdair, George W.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeAdair, George*Cook36 Div 142 inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, Hugh M.*PVT90 Div 258 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeAdair, Hummingbird*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeAdair, Jacob*PVT36 Div 143 Inf Co F / 142 Inf Co FStillwater, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, John T.*PVT162 Dep Brig Co 44OK
CherokeeAdair, Peyton*PVT165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeAdair, Walthall Corrigan*PFC90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeAdair, WilliamPVT19 Div 56 FAOK
CherokeeAdair, William Luther*PVT10 InfOK
CherokeeAdair, William P.*PVTArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, William Penn, II*SFC315 Fld Sig Bn Co CFort Gibson, OKOK
CherokeeAddington, Jess*PVT18 Div 19 InfOK
CherokeeAgent, Wartuck*PFCArmyOK
CherokeeAlberty, Dewey *PFCOK
CherokeeAlberty, Watie Murrell*LTNavy Base Hosp Unit 2Westville, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeAlberty, William Towers*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoOK
CherokeeAlexander, JessePVT85 Div 358 InfPiney, OKOK
CherokeeAllen, William Curtis*PFC80 Div 318 InfOK
CherokeeAnderson, Joseph E.*36 Div 143 Inf HQ Co
CherokeeAnderson, Mark*36 Div 142 Inf HQ Co
CherokeeArmstrong, Harold Strickland*Adair, OKOK
CherokeeArneecher, Jacob*OK
CherokeeAugerhole, William W.*PVT4 Div 59 Inf HQ Co / 90 Div 358 Inf Co BGreenleaf, OKOK
CherokeeBaham, EllisSGT5 Div 6 Inf Co MLoranger, LALA
CherokeeBailey, Alfred G.*SGT3 Div 38 Inf Co EHulbert, OKOKKIAHaskell
CherokeeBaker, JoePFC36 Div 141 Inf Sup CoJunction City, TXTX
CherokeeBaldridge, Floyd E.*83 Div 330 InfOK
CherokeeBaldridge, Sequoyah*PVT53 FA Btry COK
CherokeeBaldridge, WilliamPVTArmyOKChilocco
CherokeeBallard, Jessie L.*SGT90 Div 343 FA HQ CoOK
CherokeeBallinger, Achillis Wilson*90 Div 358 Inf Co FVinita, OKOK
CherokeeBallou, Bird*PVTCas Det Demo GrpOK
CherokeeBark, Joseph Lee*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeBarnes, Arch90 Div 358 Inf HQ Co
CherokeeBarnes, Servetus B.*PVTOK
CherokeeBeamer, George W.*PFCArmyOK
CherokeeBeamer, Oliver C.*PFC19 Inf Co EGrove, OKOK
CherokeeBeamor, Thomas W.PVT3 Div 38 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeBean, Mark H.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeBeaver, Alonzo*PVTProvost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBeaver, Arleacher*PVT89 Div 341 FA Btry BBunch, OKOK
CherokeeBeaver, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBeaver, Orlander165 Dep Brig Co 43
CherokeeBeaver, William*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeBeavert, Jefferon*Wagoner36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co AHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeBeck, Cornelius*Provost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBeeler, James A.130 MG Bn Co A
CherokeeBell, William A.PVT35 Div 129 MG Bn Co APineville, MOMO
CherokeeBenge, Louie Ross*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBenjamin, JessePVTArmyChilocco
CherokeeBertholf, Mann Butler*PVT35 Div 140 Inf Co GEufaula, OKOK
CherokeeBest, Robert T.90 Div 358 Inf Co E
CherokeeBible, Clem Preston*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeBirdtail, Dave*13 Bn 165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeBirdtail, Sam*165 Dep Brid Co 46OK
CherokeeBishop, Frank J.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co A
CherokeeBishop, George E.110 MP Co A
CherokeeBlack Hawke, JamesFireman 2clUSS North DakotaBliss, OKOK
CherokeeBlackbird, Toolate*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeBlackfox, Joe*90 Div 358 Inf Co LOK
CherokeeBlackfox, Jonathan*ArmyKansas, OKOK
CherokeeBlackstone, Edward CapePVT4 Div 59 Inf Co HDrumright, OKOK
CherokeeBlair, Douglas*90 Div 358 Inf Co A
CherokeeBlake, John Fenton*90 Div 344 MG BnPryor, OKOK
CherokeeBlyth, LouisSGT2 Div Sig Bn Co COrreck, MOMO
CherokeeBlythe, Aubrey*90 Div 358 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeBoland, Moses Lafayette*PFC35 Div 129 MG Bn Co C / 138 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeBond, Albert Harlin*ArmyVinita, OKOK
CherokeeBoyd, James NealeyPFC5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ELigsfield, MSMS
CherokeeBoyington, Howard129 FA HQ Co
CherokeeBrackett, Jeff*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Co GTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeBradley, Robert L.*SGTQMCOK
CherokeeBradshaw, Charles T.*Saddler36 Div 131 FA Co FBunch, OKOK
CherokeeBrewer, Richard R.*PVT3 Div 8 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOK
CherokeeBronson, James*NavyOK
CherokeeBronson, William*PVT1136 AAF School SquadOK
CherokeeBrown, Benjamin H.Vet Corps
CherokeeBrown, Edward MerrillPFC33 Div 108 Eng Co CSummit, ILIL
CherokeeBrown, Garner G.PVT3 Div 8 MG BnMartinsburg, MOMO
CherokeeBrown, Joseph M.*PVT4 Div 13 FA Btry FComanche City, TXTX
CherokeeBrown, TroyPFC7 Div 56 Inf Co CMcLain, OKOK
CherokeeBrown, Web E.90 Div 358 Inf Sup Co
CherokeeBruere, Charles A.*ArmyOK
CherokeeBryan, John DavidPFC5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ECollbran, ALAL
CherokeeBuckner, Ivory C.*90 Div 358 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeBuckner, James Cornelius*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeBuckner, Leland D.*PVT41 Div 162 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeBuckskin, Sam*PFCMed Dept OK
CherokeeBuffington, Charles Ross*CPL360 Inf Co CBryan's Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeBuffington, Webster*CPL40 Div 158 InfOKHaskell / Phoenix
CherokeeBunch, Eli *QM3NavyStilwell, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeBunch, JackPVT29 Div 114 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeBunch, JackPVT387 Inf 21 CoOK
CherokeeBunch, Jack D.PVT Convalescent Center 2 Co 44Bunch, OKOK
CherokeeBunch, James*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeButler, Gee Dick*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeButt, Robert D.ArmyPicher, OKOK
CherokeeBuzzard, Adam*PVTArmyZena, OKOK
CherokeeBuzzard, George*Carpenter's MateUSS OklahomaBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeByers, Charles W.*Med DeptOK
CherokeeCanady , John W.CPL78 Div 312 Inf Co LHico, TXTX
CherokeeCanary, James Harry*2LT32 Div 125 Inf Co MCaney, KSKSKIA
CherokeeCarcarwee, Ross Daniel*ArmyLocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeCarden, AlmaPVT35 Div 110 Eng Co D
CherokeeCarden, John, Jr.*PVT4 Div 58 InfOK
CherokeeCarey, Jesse H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCarey, Jesse J.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCarter, Frank*PFC35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Claremore, OKOK
CherokeeCatcher, Charley*SGT162 Dep Brig Co 42OK
CherokeeCatcher, Tom*PVT90 Div 345 FA Btry EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCavalier, Markham*PVTCAC 45 RegOK
CherokeeCavalier, Theodore Perry*PVT18 Div 19 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCave, Earl A.Wagoner33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GLenapah, OKOK
CherokeeChambers, Joseph H.*PVT77 Div 308 Inf Co HKaw City, OKOK
CherokeeChambers, Lewis A.36 Div 142 Inf Co C
CherokeeChampion , CecilPFC7 Div Muldrow, OKOK
CherokeeChandler, Benjamin H.*SGT85 Inf Co CMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeChandler, Homer Edward*ArmyLocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeChandler, Richard*90 Div 344 MG Bn OK
CherokeeChandler, Robert E.*PFCUS Guards 22 Bn Co BVinita, OKOK
CherokeeChandley, Francis M.110 Ammo Tn Co AOK
CherokeeChaney, George W.*SFCArmyOK
CherokeeChaney, WilliamPFC35 Div 129 MG Bn Co AKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeChapman, James B.Cook33 Div 124 MG Bn Co BBarnhill, ILIL
CherokeeChewey, John*PVTMed Dept Infirmary 9Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeChewey, Samuel R.*PVT4 Div 58 Inf Co LCheivey, OKOK
CherokeeChilders, Ben F.*36 Div 142 Inf Co BOK
CherokeeChisholm, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeChoate, Douglas W.*PVT358 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeChoate, Robert M.*PVT36 Div HQ CoBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChouteau, Frederick L.*139 Inf Co KOK
CherokeeChristie, Joseph*Dev Brig Co EBitting Springs, OKOK
CherokeeChuculate, Alexander R.*CPL36 Div 142 Inf Co EBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChuculate, Wesley C. "Sam"*PVT15 Bn Inf Repl & Tng TrpOK
CherokeeChum-Wa-Looky, William36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeClark, CharliePVT7 Div 79 FA Btry CBrent, OKOK
CherokeeClark, Jesse J.*PFC35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClark, Joseph James "Jocko"*LTUSS North CarolinaOK
CherokeeClark, Rodney137 Inf Co C
CherokeeClark, WilliamPVT88 Div 313 Fld Sig BnTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClay, Thomas*PVT90 Div 344 FA Btry CPeggs, OKOK
CherokeeClinkscales, Albert Sidney*2LT7 Div 80 FAVinita, OKOK
CherokeeCoats, James M.*165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeCobb, Charles R.*Cook35 Div 139th Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeeCochran, James C.PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCochran, John165 Dep Brig Co 43OK
CherokeeCochran, JosephNavyOK
CherokeeCochran, Louis*165 Dep Brig Co 41OK
CherokeeCochran, Martin Charlie*PFCMed Det / 25 Mtr Sup TnOK
CherokeeCochran, William*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCook, Charley DowPVT7 Div 56 Inf Co CBower, OKOK
CherokeeCoon, Frank "Rabbit"*PVT36 Div 141 InfStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCormicle, Levi P.*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Co GCopan, OKOK
CherokeeCormicle, Walter*7 Div 5 Eng Co EVinita, OKOK
CherokeeCornshucker, Arch*ArmyOK
CherokeeCornshucker, Watie*PFCMed DeptOK
CherokeeCornsilk, Johnson*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeCorntasel, Benjamin*Westville, OKOK
CherokeeCorntassell, James E.*PVT77 Div 308 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeCounts, John T.35 Div 139 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeCovel, Jesse C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co DMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeCowan, Felix G.*PVT343 FAOK
CherokeeCricket, Charles*Wagoner4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, Bill (Hummingbird)*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GChewey, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, David C.*PFC 36 Div 141 Inf Co AWestville, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, Joseph*CPL36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCrittenden, Thomas90 Div 358 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeCrocker, John H.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCrowell, Hunter Kent*ArmySand Springs, OKOK
CherokeeCuff, JohnBugler1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
CherokeeCunningham, Charles Fox*PVT4 Div 4 Eng Co ASpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeCurran, Charles H.PFC35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeCurry, Samuel G.PVT35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FSpringfield, MOMO
CherokeeCurtis, Leonard90 Div 358 Inf Co L
CherokeeCzarnikow, Joel B.*PVT90 Div 357 Inf Co LDora, OKOKKIA
CherokeeDaniels, J.C.PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co B
CherokeeDannenberg, John F.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeDaugherty, Emmett*90 Div 358 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeDaugherty, Preston H.130 MG Bn Co A
CherokeeDavenport, Burney CeilsSNUSS New YorkMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeDavis, John F.PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDavis, Joseph W.PVT35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FBearville, ARAR
CherokeeDawson, Hugh A.*90 Div 358 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeDawson, Jeff M.*343 FAOK
CherokeeDeerinwater, John*165 Dep Brig Co 43OK
CherokeeDelozier, John Edward*CPL90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOKKIA
CherokeeDick, John HenryOK
CherokeeDickson, Paul W.*Field Hosp 357OK
CherokeeDillis, BootPVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDinsmore, William*PVTCAC Co 8OK
CherokeeDoublehead, JohnPVT7 Div 64 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDoublehead, Sam*PVT82 Div 319 FA Btry FStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeDougherty, Anderson*PVT79 Inf Co DOK
CherokeeDowning, Brice*165 Dep Brig Co 41OK
CherokeeDowning, John90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoOKHaskell
CherokeeDowning, JoshuaOKChilocco
CherokeeDowning, Leroy*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeDowning, William A.*PVTArmyYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeDrake, Morland W.*110 MP Co BOK
CherokeeDry, Floyd A.*SANavyOK
CherokeeDuffield, Eli*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeDuncan, Felix G.*PVT164 Dep Brig Co 3 OK
CherokeeDuncan, Johnson*NavyOK
CherokeeDuncan, Samuel Graden*ArmyLambert, MTMT
CherokeeDushane, Simpson*OK
CherokeeDuvall, ThomasPVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BSallisaw, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeDye, WilliamCPL1 Div 16 Inf Co GBenham, VAVA
CherokeeEagle, George*PVT82 Div 325 Inf Co GLyons, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEarly, Robert Ross*PFCQMC 306 Labor BnBushyhead, OKOK
CherokeeEasky, Edward*36 Div 142 Inf Co FTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeElders, William*SGMMarinesBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Blair*PFC117 Ammo Tn Co C / 285 MP Bunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Henry*PVT343 FAOK
CherokeeEllis, Jackson N.*PVT34 Div 109 Ammo Tn Co ABunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Otis L.PVT7 Div 64 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeEllis, Richard*USS DenverBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEngland, Benjamin C.*ArmyAfton, OKOK
CherokeeEssex, Albert G.SGT33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GSouth Bend, ININ
CherokeeEvans, Elmer T.PVT40 Div 160 Inf Co G / 77 Div 308 Inf Co KOklahoma City, OKOK
CherokeeFalling, Fred E.*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFarr , Maynard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeFarrar, Oliver M.*CPL36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co GOK
CherokeeFerguson, George G.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeFields, Arthur E.*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoOK
CherokeeFields, Howard90 Div 358 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeFields, J.W.90 Div 358 Inf Co C
CherokeeFields, Jesse*SGT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co FOK
CherokeeFields, Patrick*91 Div HQ CoOK
CherokeeFite, Augustus W.*30 Eng, Gas & Flame CorpsOK
CherokeeFite, Houston B.*Asst SurgeonNavyOK
CherokeeFite, John W. S.*PFCGen Hosp 155OK
CherokeeFite, William Patton*CPT36 DivVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFivekiller, Spencer*OK
CherokeeFixon, JessePFC2 Div 23 Inf Co E / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeFlanagan, Mike*110 MP Co AOK
CherokeeFleetwood, Redcloud*SGT4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFloyd, William McKinleySGT3 Div 4 Inf Co LNorris City, ILIL
CherokeeFluke, Andrew*PFC7 Div 50 Inf Co HVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFlut, George*PVT439 Res Labor Bn Co CBunch, OKOK
CherokeeFlute, Wash*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeFogg, HolmesPVTArmyBarber, OKOK
CherokeeFogg, James Cochran*PFC 36 Div 141 Inf Co I / 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeFogg, Tunawee*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeForeman, CurtisField Hosp Co 359
CherokeeForeman, Frank315 Eng
CherokeeForeman, Jesse E.*90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoOK
CherokeeForeman, Martin*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 131 FAChewey, OKOK
CherokeeFortune, JosephSGT35 Div 110 Eng Co EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFoster, Newton M.*CPL36 Div 142 Inf Co ECatoosa, OKOK
CherokeeFrakes, William J.B.Cook 35 Div 129 FA Btry EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFrench, James Kell*165 Dep Brig OK
CherokeeFrench, Thomas F.*165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeFrizley, George*CPL 90 Div 357 Inf Co ISallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFrye, Jesse R.2LT33 Div 131 Inf Sallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeGalcatcher, Snowmaker*PVT22 Eng Co AOK
CherokeeGallardo, LeopoldoWagoner88 Div 337 MG Bn Co ALaredo, TXTX
CherokeeGhormley, Walter Frank*SNNavyOK
CherokeeGibbs, Allen D.*165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeGibbs, Thomas H.*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoOK
CherokeeGirty, Buck*PVT28 Div 110 Inf Co AWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeGladney, John R.*LT29 InfOK
CherokeeGlass, Claude YeomanNavyOKHaskell
CherokeeGoad, Frank*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EPorum, OKOK
CherokeeGonzales, Anderson*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGonzales, John*PVT36 Div 142 Inf OK
CherokeeGoodrich, George*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGoodrich, JacobPVT4 Div 58 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGourd, Charles C.R.*CPL4 Div 58 Inf Co CRandall, MNMN
CherokeeGraham, Bluford*PFCMed DeptOK
CherokeeGraham, ClarenceNavy
CherokeeGrass, David F.*PFCAmbo Co 261OKChilocco
CherokeeGrayson, Napoleon Bonaparte*PVT85 Div 344 MG Bn / 36 Div 142 Inf Co ELocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeGreen, Bonner90 Div 358 Inf Co I
CherokeeGreen, Floyd R.Newkirk, OKOK
CherokeeGreenfeather, WilliamPVT90 Div 358 Inf Co CRamona, OKOK
CherokeeGrigsby, Henry C.*NavyOK
CherokeeGrigsby, James*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EChristie, OKOK
CherokeeGritts, Burney*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeGritts, Charles*ArmyTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeGritts, John B.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeHair, AlexPVT90 Div 358 Inf Co BOK
CherokeeHair, Jack*PFC 36 Div 144 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHair, Watson*PVT36 Div 144 Inf Co GHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHall, Benjamin90 Div 358 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeHall, Frank*PVTMed DeptOK
CherokeeHamilton, CharlesPVT3 Div 38 Inf Co D
CherokeeHamilton, Ralph W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeHandle, DavePVT90 Div 356 Inf Co CJay, OKOK
CherokeeHandle, Ed*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co ISouthwest City, MOMO
CherokeeHanes, Arthur C.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeHanna, Claude*ArmyGrove, OKOK
CherokeeHanna, William T.*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeHannon, Newton E., Jr.*PFCArmyOK
CherokeeHarlin, Ezekiel*PVT89 Div 356 Inf Co DCatoosa, OKOK
CherokeeHarmon, Dwight*90 Div 358 Inf Co LOK
CherokeeHarris, George90 Div 358 Inf Co I
CherokeeHarrison, Floyd*90 Div 358 Inf Co A
CherokeeHarrison, Jesse*PVT35 Div 140 Inf OK
CherokeeHartman, Lee H.140 Inf Co C
CherokeeHartness, George W.*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co BOK
CherokeeHatfield, Isaac*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeHathcock, Thomas Roy*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeHause, Joseph M.*PFC90 Div 315 Ammo Tn Med DetTulsa, OKOK
CherokeeHaworth, Claude W.*USS AntigoneyOK
CherokeeHays, Curtis E.*PVT36 Div 111 Eng OK
CherokeeHays, John H.*PFC164 Dep Brig Co 1OK
CherokeeHeaven, James*PVT90 Div 345 FA Btry DLyons, OKOK
CherokeeHendrickson , Bert MontowMess SGT7 Div 55 Inf Co LPoteau, OKOK
CherokeeHicks, Claude*PVT90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoShiptook, OKOK
CherokeeHicks, Jeff*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeHogshooter, Watt*PVT90 Div 345 FA Btry DEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHolland, John Alford*PVT36 Div 141 Inf OK
CherokeeHopper, George William*PFC36 Div 143 Inf Co LStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHorn, George H.*ArmyBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeHoskins, Elijah L.PVT7 Div 56 Inf Co GVinita, OKOK
CherokeeHouseberg, Robert*PVTCAC PhilippinesAdair, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHowdeshell, Ralph*PVT79 Div 314 Inf HQ CoTushkahoma, OKOK
CherokeeHubert, Victor J.PVTMarines 5 Reg Co MNew Orleans, LALA
CherokeeHummingbird, George*PVT34 Div 136 Inf Co E / 59 Inf Co EAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeHummingbird, Jesse*SGT90 Div 358 Inf Co ARose, OKOK
CherokeeHummingbird, Walter*ArmyAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeHummingbird, Wilson*PVTOK
CherokeeHurd, Ivan*PVT5 Div 14 MG BnOK
CherokeeHutchins, Ual Ross*Wagoner42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Claremore, OKOK
CherokeeHyde, William G.Bugler35 Div 129 MG Bn Co GJoplin, MOMO
CherokeeIngram, John M., Jr.*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co DOK
CherokeeIrving, Watie*36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeIsaac, John*PVTDev Bn 1 CoOK
CherokeeJackson, Cornelius*CPL90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeJay, MarionPVT4 Div 59 Inf Co HSpiro, OKOK
CherokeeJennings, Andrew*PVT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co FOK
CherokeeJennings, George B.*36 Div 142 Inf HQ Co OK
CherokeeJohnson, Clifford Robert*PVT29 Div 115 Inf Co DVian, OKOK
CherokeeJohnson, Clifford V.*Redland, OKOK
CherokeeJohnson, David*MUS90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoOKKIAChilocco
CherokeeJohnson, Edward*PVT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co GOK
CherokeeJohnson, George165 Dep Brig Co 43OK
CherokeeJohnson, Hugh*ArmyOK
CherokeeJohnson, Napoleon Bonaparte*ArmyOKChilocco
CherokeeJohnson, Richard W.*NavyOK
CherokeeJohnson, William N.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeJones, Jesse*PVT326 Aux Rmt Dep QMCOK
CherokeeJones, Samuel A.PVT35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Fairland, OKOK
CherokeeJordan, Herbert R.*QMC Rec Co 40OK
CherokeeKearns, Thomas J.*PVT344 FA Btry AOK
CherokeeKeener, Jeff*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co BOK
CherokeeKeener, Richard*PVT36 Div 142 inf Co EHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeKeener, Robert*SGTArmyOK
CherokeeKeener, Sam*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeKeith, Soldier*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeKennedy, Charles A.CPL2 Div 2 Eng Co BMetropolis, ILIL
CherokeeKerr, Frank, Jr.*ArmyOK
CherokeeKerr, John165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeKetcher, HenryPVTArmyOK
CherokeeKetcher, Robert E. Lee*PVT57 FA Btry BOK
CherokeeKetcher, WilliamPVT2 Div 9 Inf Co CAdair County, OKOKKIA
CherokeeKeys, Charles C.*PVT439 Res Labor BnOK
CherokeeKeys, George36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeKeys, Herbert G.*90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoOK
CherokeeKeys, Levi H.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeKingfisher, James*PVT309 Cav Trp MOK
CherokeeKingfisher, Lewis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeKirk, Robert William*PFCArmyEldon, OKOK
CherokeeLandrum, Clifton L.*90 Div 358 Inf Co LOK
CherokeeLandrum, David S.*SGT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co EOK
CherokeeLanier, SamWagoner5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co BAbilene, TXTX
CherokeeLeach, Curtis H.PVT5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FSt. Louis, MOMO
CherokeeLeach, Sampson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLeach, Tom*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLester, Alfred Louis*MOTC Prov Co COK
CherokeeLewis, FrankPVT35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BMadera, CACA
CherokeeLewis, RayFrench Air Service (on loan for 1 yr)Nowata, OKOK
CherokeeLittledave, Dick*PVTArmy
CherokeeLittledeer, Sam*PVTArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLittlejohn, Benjamin*CPL 36 Div 142 Inf Co EProctor, OKOK
CherokeeLocust, Frank*PVT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co EOKChilocco
CherokeeLocust, Henry*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLocust, William*PVT6 Cav Trp EHulbert, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeLooney, Walter P.*36 Div 142 Inf Co DOK
CherokeeLove, Henry Benjamin165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeLove, Lorenzo D.*PVT32 Div 128 inf Co KNowata, OKOK
CherokeeLowrey, Moses*ArmyOK
CherokeeLucas, John H.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeLyman, Levi*SGTArmyOK
CherokeeMankiller, George Eli*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EWauhillau, OKOK
CherokeeManning, Carl "Cull"PVT90 Div 359 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeManning, Ellis Wooster*PVTArmyBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMartin, Henry A.*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMartin, Joseph W.PVT7 Div 56 inf Co LWagoner, OKOK
CherokeeMauck, Jacob T.*90 Div 358 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeMaxwell, Clyde B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeMayfield, John B.*90 Div 358 Inf Co COK
CherokeeMcCleary, William M.PVT35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BSapulpa, OKOK
CherokeeMcCoy, Edward Everett*PVT37 InfOKHaskell
CherokeeMcCoy, Stand Watie*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeMcCracken, John H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMcCuen, William B.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeMcKendree, Dean G.PVTMarines 2 Div 5 Reg Co ASalem, ILIL
CherokeeMcLemore, Emmet*ArmyLyons, OkOK
CherokeeMcLemore, John B.*PFC 36 Div 141 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMcPherson, Carlos V.*36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeMcPherson, David*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMcSpadden, Roscoe C.*165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeMerryman, Earl*OK
CherokeeMilam, Charles*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Chelsea, OKOKKIA
CherokeeMilam, William*SN2NavyChelsea, OKOK
CherokeeMiller, Charles R.36 Div 142 Inf Co D
CherokeeMiller, Franklin S.*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeMiller, HarryWagoner42 Div 151 FA Sup CoSullivan, ININ
CherokeeMiller, Thomas Franklin*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeMills, David Gladstone*CPLEvac Hosp 19Cardin, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeMink, Sataka*PVT36 Div 144 Inf Co MSardon, OKOK
CherokeeMixwater, Daniel*90 Div 344 FA Btry DBarber, OKOK
CherokeeMorris, Arthur*90 Div 358 Inf MG CoOK
CherokeeMorton, Lock*SN2NavyOK
CherokeeMoton, Jesse*36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeMurphy, Looney*Tahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeMuskrat, Harvey*ArmyOK
CherokeeMuskrat, Jake (Claude)*PFC 35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Grove, OKOK
CherokeeMuskrat, Thomas*PVT42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeNairn, James*SFCInf Repl Trp Co 32OK
CherokeeNairn, William, Jr.*CPLQMCOK
CherokeeNakedhead, Samuel*ArmyMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeNation, James WillardPVT82 Div 320 FA Btry BRed Oak, OKOK
CherokeeNelson, Arthur J.*PVT91 Div 18 Inf Co FLos Angeles, CACAKIA
CherokeeNelson, George D.*PVT29 Div 111 FA Btry E / 286 Aero SquadEnterprise, CACA
CherokeeNeubert, Lyon O.Bugler28 Div 108 FA Btry CClinton, IAIA
CherokeeO'Field, George*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeOskison, John M.*1LT3 InfVinita, OKOK
CherokeeOverlees, Earl Ray*CPL15 Div 79 InfOK
CherokeeOwl, Charley*PFCArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeePack, Abe*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co FWestville, OKOK
CherokeePaden, Charles L. Jack*2LTArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeePaden, Van*90 Div 358 Inf Sup COOK
CherokeePalmer, Arthur*165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeePann, Peter*165 Dep Brig Co 41OK
CherokeePanther, Josiah*PFCArmyOK
CherokeePanther, Thomas*PFC41 Div 164 Inf Co MTecumseh, OKOK
CherokeeParker, Elmer*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeParker, Jesse J.*PVT78 Div 310 Inf Co KWarner, OKOK
CherokeeParker, Leslie S.PFC4 Div 59 Inf Co MWilkesboro, NCNC
CherokeeParsley, Fred*MUS1NavyClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeParton, Lee Roy*CPL6 Div 51 Inf Co IOK
CherokeePatterson, Claude A.*PFC35 Div 139 Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeePayne, Gus E.*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Co HOK
CherokeePayne, Howard A.*90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoOK
CherokeePerkins, Elijah P.PVT2 Div 17 FA HQ CoEufaula, OKOK
CherokeePerry, Frank W.PVT1 Div 1 Ammo Tn Co DTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePettit, MartinArmy Hosp 31Cookson, OKOKHaskell
CherokeePevehouse, William A.*CPLMarines 6 Reg 82 CoTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePickard, Robert B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
CherokeePierce, Claude*PVT5 Div 7 Eng OK
CherokeePierce, Harvey*SGT90 Div 358 Inf Co GWestville, OKOK
CherokeePinn, Carlyle TravisSGT26 Div 101 Eng Co AJamaica Plain, MAMA
CherokeePolecat, Issac L.*PFC90 Div 345 FA Btry DLong, OKOK
CherokeePoplin, Gaither C.*344 MG Bn OK
CherokeePorter, Wolf*PVTArmyOK
CherokeePotter, Ray*PVT83 Div Trench Mortar Btry 308OK
CherokeePotts, Alford H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePotts, Hugh A.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePotts, John*PFCEvac Hosp 19OK
CherokeePowell, Joseph*PVTArmyOK
CherokeePowell, Reginald J.CPL36 Div 141 Inf MG CoDavid, TXTX
CherokeePride, Floyd L.PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ERyan, OKOK
CherokeePritchett, Tony*PVT343 FAOKKIA
CherokeeProctor, Joseph165 Dep Brig Co 43OK
CherokeeProctor, Mike*ArmyLocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeProctor, Wyly*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePumpkin, Richard*PVT19 Div 57 FAOK
CherokeeQuallate, John*PFC90 Div 358 Inf Co LGrove, OKOKKIA
CherokeeRabbit, Jack *165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeRagsdale, Claude*Rose, OKOK
CherokeeRagsdale, John A.*90 Div 358 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeRatt, JohnPVT4 Div 13 FA Btry E / 90 Div 343 FA Welling, OKOK
CherokeeRattling Gourd, Lewis B.*NavyOKHaskell
CherokeeRattlinggourd, Dave*Mus 18 Div 19 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeReavis, Harley G.CPL82 Div 325 Inf Co DBallground, GAGA
CherokeeRed Fox, RayArmyPhoenix, AZAZ
CherokeeRedbird, John L.*ArmyStilwell, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeRedden, William H.*90 Div 358 Inf Co AOK
CherokeeReed, Claude Phillip*ArmyTalala, OKOK
CherokeeReed, Philetus*90 Div 358 Inf Co LOK
CherokeeRevey, Robert VincentPFC29 Div 114 Inf Co DAsbury Park, NJNJ
CherokeeRiley, John, Jr.*Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeRivers, FrankPFC 90 Div 358 Inf Co KZwolle, LALA
CherokeeRoach, George*USS CarolinaOKChilocco / Hampton
CherokeeRoach, Tandy*PVT7 Div 20 MG Bn Co ATahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeRobbin, George*165 Dep Brig Co 41OK
CherokeeRoberts, Olsea A.PFC90 Div 343 FA Btry EBartlesville, OKOK
CherokeeRobertson, Arthur Evans*Pvt36 Div 143 Inf HQ CoHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeRobertson, William A.*SGTMarines 9 RegOK
CherokeeRoche, TandyPVT7 Div 20 MG Bn Co AYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeRogers, Buland F.*Cook90 Div 358 Inf Co BHeavener, OKOK
CherokeeRogers, George W.*90 Div 358 Inf Co BOK
CherokeeRogers, James M.36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co A
CherokeeRogers, JessePVT36 Div 144 Inf Co H / 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeRogers, WilliamPVT35 Div 140 Inf Co DNorth Muskogee, OKOK
CherokeeRoss, Robert B., Jr.*2LT77 Div 307 Inf Co ATahlequah OKOK
CherokeeRowe, Benjamin D.*Cook1 Div 16 Inf Co BBacone, OKOK
CherokeeRundel, George T.PVT89 Div 314 Eng Co APeenbook, MOMO
CherokeeRunway, William*PVT30 Div 118 Inf Co B / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrove, OKOK
CherokeeRyan, Emmett*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSanders, AllenPVTArmyOK
CherokeeSanders, Eddie R.*ArmyOK
CherokeeSanders, Felix*PVT36 Div 143 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeSanders, James A.*90 Div 358 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeSanders, Nick*165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
CherokeeSanders, Oce O.*CPL90 Div 343 FA Btry EPryor, OKOK
CherokeeSavage, Charley C.PVT77 Div 304 FA Btry BWichita, KSKS
CherokeeSawney, Mike*PVTRepl & Trng TrpOK
CherokeeScott, Allen H.*Med CorpsOK
CherokeeScott, Charles D., Jr.*CPL 36 Div 144 Inf Co FMarble City, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScott, Grover H.*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeScott, James Arthur*Webber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Jesse J.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeScott, Joseph*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Noah ThomasPVT7 Div 56 Inf Co CTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Raymond R.PFC2 Div 6 MG Bn Co DFairland, OKOK
CherokeeScraper, Jesse*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 86 Div 331 FA BnStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScraper, John Rufus*PVT17 Div 17 Ammo Tn Co AWestville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeScraper, John*PVT90 Div 345 FA Btry DLyons, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeScraper, Louis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeScuggin, Walker*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeSeabolt, Levi*PFC7 Div 55 Inf Co BMuldrow, OKOK
CherokeeSecondine, Harrison*CPL4 Div 58 Inf Co CVinita, OKOK
CherokeeSellers, Richard *PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EEvansville, ARAR
CherokeeSettle, Charles A.*PVT111 Ammo Tn Co FOK
CherokeeSettle, Eugene*PVT42 Div San Tn Co 117OK
CherokeeSharp, George W.*PFC4 Div Ambo Co 21Tahlequah, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeShell, David*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeShell, Huckleberry B.*CPL1 Div 28 Inf Co D Stilwell, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeShell, Jess*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeShoemaker, Franklin*90 Div 358 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeSilk, Charles T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSilversmith, Steve*ArmyOKChilocco
CherokeeSittingdown, James Nathan*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSittingdown, Thadius Stephen*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSixkiller, Samuel*NavyWestville, OKOK
CherokeeSloan, James Ellis*ArmyBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeSlye, William A.SGT4 Div 47 Inf Co DCelusa, CACA
CherokeeSmallwood, Samuel M.*Saddler3 Div 6 Eng HQ CoRose, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, CharleyCPL33 Div 108 Eng Co BKansas City, KSKS
CherokeeSmith, Irving L.*Mech36 Div 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Jim*ArmySalina, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, June*CPL36 Div 141 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Louis E.PFC56 Inf Co KAdair, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Robert Lee*ArmyAfton, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Stoke*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EBox, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, William Theodore*SGT5 Div 61 Inf HQ CoNowata, OKOK
CherokeeSoap, Mose*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeSolis, CharlesCPL40 Div 158 Inf Co B
CherokeeSorrels, Henry A.PVT2 Div Marines 5 Reg Co MConyers, GAGA
CherokeeSourjohn, Anderson*PVTArmyBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSourjohn, Will*PFC29 Div 113 Inf Co GMoody, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSpade, Robert36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSpeaker, Samuel*PVT79 Div 304 San Tn Fld Hosp 314Welling, OKOK
CherokeeSpringwater, Dennis B.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeSprinkles, Walter LeePFCMarines 5 Reg Co 43Flynn, TXTX
CherokeeStarr, Hooley*PVT345 FA Btry DStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeStarr, Orange Walter*1LTLiverpool Cas Co 1018 Med CorpClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeStep, Ellis*PVT36 Div 143 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeStevenson, William C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co COK
CherokeeSteward, Charles Joseph*PVT97 Div 366 MG BnOK
CherokeeStill, James*PFCBase Hosp 85Row, OKOK
CherokeeStout, James W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeStrong, Phillips*SGT36 Div 142 Inf Co FDelaware, OKOK
CherokeeStrong, Tom*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeSuagee, Watie*PVT89 Div 355 Inf Co K / 338 Inf 1st Camp Funston DetGrove, OKOK
CherokeeSullivan, Ellis*145 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeSullivan, Jefferson D.*ArmyClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeSunday, Jake Delmar*SGT MDBase Hosp 87Muskogee, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSustarta, IsabellaPVT32 Div 126 Inf Co MEagle Lake, TXTX
CherokeeSweetman, Felix E.PFC 36 Div 144 Inf Co FAllen, OKOK
CherokeeSwift, Frank Butler, Jr.*CPL90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeSwimmer, Alex*90 Div 344 FA Btry FBarber, OKOK
CherokeeSwimmer, Jesse Lee*PFCArmyTahlequah, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeTackett, Walter*165 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeTanner, Allen O.*MUS335 Div 137 Inf / 110 Eng HQ CoGrove, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeTaylor, Andrew J.*Med Dept
CherokeeTaylor, John90 Div 358 Inf HQ Co
CherokeeTaylor, John Clive*Christie, OKOK
CherokeeTaylor, Ross*PVT5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeTaylor, William, Jr.*PVT162 Dep Brig 23 Receiving Bn 91 CoOK
CherokeeTehee, Hoke*PFCArmyCorsicana, TXTX
CherokeeTehee, Jesse*PVT90 Div 343 FA Btry CYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeTeller, Charley*PVT36 Div 111 Eng Co EOK
CherokeeTellis, ChrisSaddler4 Div 33 Dep Brig HQ CoJubulde, TXTX
CherokeeTerrell, James E.PVT2 Div Marines 6 Reg Co 80Elmore City, OKOK
CherokeeTeter, Walter*344 MG BnOK
CherokeeThaxton, RansomPFC2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Silo, OKOK
CherokeeThompson, George A.*
CherokeeThorne , Cull, Jr.*CPL29 Div 113 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorne, Arthur*SGT90 Div 358 Inf Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorne, William*165 Dep BrigTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThornton, Johnson*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeThornton, Owen F.*PVTMed CorpsOK
CherokeeThornton, Thomas J.*COXNavyOK
CherokeeTieaskie, EliasPFC29 Div 111 MG Bn Co DBaron, OKOK
CherokeeTilley, William BertCook5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co DCampobello, SCSC
CherokeeTindle, Alexander*CPL6 Inf HQ CoStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeTindle, Jeff J.*SGTCAC Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeTownsend, Walter*SGTArmyOK
CherokeeTrent, Jefferson*PVT111 Ammo Tn Co GOK
CherokeeTriplett, John C.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ETahlequah, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeTrottingwolf, Nelson*PFC29 Div 115 Inf Co E / 53 Pioneer Inf Co DBartlesville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeTrottingwolf, Sequoyah*CPLArmyBartlesville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeTubb, ReganSGT2 Div Marines 6 Reg Co 96Oakwood, TXTX
CherokeeTubby, Andrew, Jr.PVT5 Div 20 FA Btry FKiowa, OKOK
CherokeeTurner, Daniel William*CPL28 Div 115 Inf Co IOologah, OKOK
CherokeeTurner, John*PFC111 Ammo Tn Co AOK
CherokeeTyner, George W.*WagonerCas Det Disch GrpOK
CherokeeTyner, John Wesley, Jr.*PFCEvac Hosp 18Campbell, OKOK
CherokeeVann, Edward F.*Med DeptWebbers Falls, OKOK
CherokeeVann, Gid*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeVann, Joe*PVT156 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeVann, John WatieAMM3NavyOK
CherokeeVann, Oscar Trott*PVT15 Div 80 Inf Pryor, OKOK
CherokeeVaughn, John H.PFC2 Div 2 Ammo Tn HQ Det Motor BnBritton, OKOK
CherokeeWalker, Jack O., Jr.*WAG90 Div HQ TrpBraggs, OKOK
CherokeeWalkley, William S.*COXNavyOK
CherokeeWard, Charles Robert*SGT 90 Div 358 Inf Co KClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWard, Ellis Bryant*165 Dep Brig OK
CherokeeWaters, Richard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWatkins, William P.*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoOK
CherokeeWatson, Nathan*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co FMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeWatt, Chewey*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 144 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeWatt, Henry*90 Div 345 FA Btry EWestville, OKOK
CherokeeWatt, Noname*PVT18 Div 19 Inf Co HWestville, OKOK
CherokeeWatts, Richard*PFCBase Hosp 109Muskogee, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeWayne, IsaacPVT36 Div 141 Inf Co MStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeWeignberger, HenryPFCBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeWelch, Carnie*90 Div 358 Inf Co GPrice Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeWelch, Frank90 Div 344 MG BnOK
CherokeeWelch, Ivo*SGT354 Fld Rmt SquadWatts, OKOK
CherokeeWelch, Jessie MunroePVT34 Div 133 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeWelch, Robert*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeWells, Adam B.*PVT10 Div 69 InfOK
CherokeeWest, LeePVT36 Div 141 Inf Co HTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeWest, Morgan*ArmyKullituklo, OKOK
CherokeeWheeler, Theodore*SGTArmySallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeWhite, Sunday*PVT36 Div 141 Inf Co FStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeWhitekiller, Birdchopper*PVTCas Det Co FHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeWhitekiller, William*PFC 36 Div 144 Inf Co FHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeWildcat, Colston*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeWilkinson, Orlando ElighuePVT77 Div 304 FA Btry BVera, OKOK
CherokeeWilliams, George C.*PFCEvac Hosp 18OK
CherokeeWillis, CarlPVT2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Ardmore, OKOK
CherokeeWilson, BillyPVT85 Div 358 Inf Co EBentley, OKOK
CherokeeWilson, Jubel*165 Dep Brg 15 Bn 57 CoOKHaskell
CherokeeWitt, Elmer*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoRocky Ford, COCO
CherokeeWofford, Alexander*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeWofford, James*PVTDemo GrpOK
CherokeeWofford, Jesse*PVT16 Eng Co BOchelata, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeWolf, Islo90 Div 343 FA Btry CEdna, OKOK
CherokeeWolfe, Louis Mayes*PFC29 Div 113 Inf Co GClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWoodall, Richard D.*PVTArmyOK
CherokeeWoodall, Watie*PVTCAC 63 Art HQ CoWestville, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeWoodhams, Lewis NelsonPFC35 Div 110 Eng Co EDenver, COCO
CherokeeWoodward, David C.OK
CherokeeWorks, WilliamPFC 90 Div 344 MG Bn Co BBernice, OKOK
CherokeeWuhunt, ArmstrongPVT35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BSmithville, OKOK
CherokeeWyly, Frank*PVT7 Div 80 FA Btry CSycamore, OKOK
CherokeeYoung, James McKinley*SFC13 San Tn Ambo Co 251Braggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeYoung, RichardPFC89 Div 354 Inf Co MTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeYount, Frank36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Cherokee / ChoctawChilders, Fred S.PFC 35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Kansas City, MOMO
Cherokee ?Abbott, JackPVT90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoAdair, OKOK
Cherokee ?Guff, JohnBugler1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
Cherokee ?Russell, Dave53 FA Btry FCarlisle
Cherokee FreedmanGrimmet, John*165 Dep Brig Co 13Stilwell, OKOK
Cherokee, EasternBigwitch, CharliePFC81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBird, DavidBlacksmith 1 clUSS Astoria / USS Graft WalderseeCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBird, EliSGT5 Div 19 FA Svc Btry Swain Co, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternBlythe, Fred BauerCPLAir Service Squad BCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBradley, Morgan J.PVT6 Div 54 Reg Co ECherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternBradley, NickCPL28 Div 111 Inf Co GCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBradley, William AmosPVT30 Div 9 FA Btry 13Swayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBray, FloydCPL35 Div 130 FA Btry BCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBullard, CharliePFC30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCollins, AlonzoPVT30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternColonaheski, Joe81 DivCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConger, George W.NavyMarietta, GAGA
Cherokee, EasternConley, JohnPVT9 Reg FA 1 Bn Btry ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConley, Luke FrancisSNNavyWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCooper, Arnold CPL6 Div 6 Ammo Tn Co FBirdtown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCooper, Curtis J.PVT30 Div 105 Sig Bn Co ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCrow, BoydShipwrightNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCrow, UtePFC30 Div 119 Inf Co HCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternDavis, IsaacPVT8 Div 4 FA Btry ANC
Cherokee, EasternDial, WilliePVT30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke NCNC
Cherokee, EasternDobson, LossithCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternFrench, MeroneyBugler9 FA Btry DRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternGeorge, CainPVT30 Div 115 MG Bn Co DCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHill, Blaine M.CPL81 Div 321 Inf Co IWahhiyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternHill, NedPVT81 Div 321 Inf Co IStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, FredPVTBase Hosp 77Lumbertown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, Israel CharlesCPL32 MG Bn Co DWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, Jefferson B.PVT3 Div 38 Inf Co AJudson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternJackson, Jack K.PVTMarinesWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternJumper, StancilCPL30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternKalonuheskie, JoePVT42 Div 165 Inf Co MNC
Cherokee, EasternLevy, James WashingtonMed Reserve CorpsDudley, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLittlejohn, GuyPVT156 Dep Brig 4 Tn Bn 13 Co / 81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternLocklear, AngusPVT30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLong, CharliePVT77 Div NCCherokee, NC
Cherokee, EasternLong, GarfieldWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLong, William GafneyPVT3 FA Btry DRobbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLossih, DobsonPVTArmyCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLossih, LloydPVT81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternMeroney, FrenchBugler 9 FA Btry DCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternMumblehead, James Bradley*6 Reg NGAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternMumblehead, Roger Lewis*PFC28 Div 111 Inf Co GAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternNick, Chiltoskie W.SSG6 Div 52 Inf HQ CoWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Alfred B.PVT9 FA Btry D / 558 Cas CoBryson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwl, EnochPVT13 Cav Trp ACherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwl, George E. or George AllenSGT89 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwl, HenrySGT7 FA Btry DCherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwl, SamuelMUS58 FA Btry DRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Walter DavidSFC9 FA Btry CCherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Will H.PVTMed CorpsCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOxendine, Charlie L.PVT30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPasour, OscarSGT7 Div 22 Cav Trp ALincolnton, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPowell, StansillPVT90 Div 358 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternPuryear, Frank M.*NavyVillanow, GAGA
Cherokee, EasternQueen, JasperPVT81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternRoss, Cain CPL28 Div 111 Inf 2 Co GStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSanderson, Martin L.PVT30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSanook, Ray C.CPL80 Div 319 Inf Co CCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, JamesPVT81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, StevePVTMG HQ CoCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, StillwellPVT319 Inf Co CCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternSmith, Goldman*PVTCAC 43 Art Btry FCherokee, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternSmoker, RossPVTOrd Guard Co 1Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTaylor, JackPFC81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTaylor, JohnPVTRepl Dep 9 Reg ArtBirdtown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTeesateskie, WelchUSS Pennsylvania / USS HC FolgerWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternTeleski, JessePVT6 Div 54 Inf Co FCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTewatley, CainPVT28 Div 111 Inf Co GRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternThompson, David C.CPLIRTC 16 Btry Co DSwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternThompson, Simon G.SGT81 Div 321 Inf Co ISwayney, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternThompson, WilsonPVT81 Div FAWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternToineeta, Arneach*PFC81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternTramper, AmmonCPL81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTyler, Henry G.PVT30 Div 118 Inf Co FCedar Creek, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWachacha, Charles*PVTOrd Dept 155 Dep Brig Co 12Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWachacha, Jack C.*PVT3 Bn Co 12Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWachacha, Posey*PVT156 Dep Brig 2 Prov Dev Reg Co KRobbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelch, EnochWT1NavyCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelch, James R.PVT36 Art HQ CoRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelch, John A.SNUSS ZuiderdijkTomotla, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWelch, Lloyd B.MUS41 Div 163 Inf Cherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWelch, Theodore AntoinePVTMarinesCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWest, BuckCPL83 Div 49 Inf Co IRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWest, JamesPFC28 Div 111 Inf Co GRavensford, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWilnotah, NedSNNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, Charlie HicksPFC88 Div 121 FA Btry ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, DawsonPFC81 Div 321 Inf Co ISwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, Taquette27 Div 5 Pioneers Co KWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbird, SaugheePFC30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbird, WesleyFiremanUSS WyomingWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternYoungdeer, StephenPFC30 Div 115 MG Bn Co DCherokee, NCNCKIACarlisle
CheyenneBeard, Jacob B.ArmyWatonga, OKOK
CheyenneBeartracks, Don B.PFC29 Div 113 Inf Co CWatonga, OKOK
CheyenneBeaver, LittlePVT97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneBeaver, Norton*PVT36 Div 143 inf Co DGeary, OKOK
CheyenneBelt, John*PVT1 Inf Co KHammon, OKOK
CheyenneBlack, TempletonLT36 Div 142 Inf HQ CoWeatherford, TXTX
CheyenneBlindwoman, Thomas*PFC4 Div 39 Inf Co HKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneBrokencup, AlbertPFC4 Div 47 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneBurns, Edward G.*PVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BConcho, OKOKHaskell / Genoa
CheyenneBurns, WilliamArmyOKChilocco
CheyenneClark, NelsonArmyConcho, OKOK
CheyenneCometsevah, LairdMech85 Inf Sup CoWatonga, OKOK
CheyenneDeer, Sam B.PVTOARDLawrence, KSKSHaskell
CheyenneFlying Man, RobertPFC2 Reg 2 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneGold, HarryPVT29 Div 113 InfCanton, OKOKKIA
CheyenneGoose, FrankPVT134-5 Hosp UnitClinton, OKOK
CheyenneGround Nose, PeairsPVT36 Div 143 Inf Co EClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHaag, FrankPVT36 Div 143 Inf Co DMountain View, OKOK
CheyenneHadley, JoePVT4 Div 59 Inf Co FClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHall, John F.ArmyArdmore, OKOK
CheyenneHamilton, James
CheyenneHawk, AmosPVT27 DivClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHawk, John C.PVT36 Div 143 Inf HQ Co / 141 Inf Co BFay, OKOK
CheyenneHorn, Jesse*PVT4 Div 58 Inf Co CConcho, OKOK
CheyenneHowling Crane, Sr., Charles*PVT90 Div 357 Inf Co HClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHuffman, AlbertPVT97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneKingsley, VolneyPVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BHaskell
CheyenneLittle Calf, DavidPVT82 Div 319 FA Btry B / 27 Div 15 Prov CoKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneLonebear, ClarencePVT36 Div 131 MG Bn Co DCanton, OKOK
CheyenneLonebear, RufusPFC36 Div 131 MG Bn Co DCanton, OKOK
CheyenneOrange, Frank*PVT8 Div 13 Inf Co GHammon, OKOK
CheyenneOrange, JosephPVT97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyennePawpa, ClintonPFC19 Div 57 FA Btry FKingfisher, OKOK
CheyennePipkin , James EllisPVT4 Div 4 Ammo Tn Med Dept Ambo Co 21Milford, TXTX
CheyenneReynolds, CharlesPVTArmyPhoenix
CheyenneReynolds, Frank E.*CPL90 Div 358 Inf Co LClinton, OKOK
CheyenneRomero, RalphPVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BGeary, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneRouse, ThomasSGT15 San Tn Ambo Co 260Colony, OKOK
CheyenneRoy, LouisCAC 13 CoSDCarlisle
CheyenneRunner, Thomas PVT18 Aero SquadClinton, OKOK
CheyenneShortman, Woodson*PVT36 Div 142 inf Co AFay, OKOK
CheyenneShortneck, CharlesPVT36 Div 142 Inf Co GGeary, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStanding Bull, ClydePFC36 Div 141 Inf Co IClinton, OKOK
CheyenneStarr, Robert CharlesSGT165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66 / 36 Div 132 MG Bn Co BFay, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStrongwolf, PhilipCPL80 Inf Co DHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneStumphorn, Burton18 Div 54 FA Sup CoOKConcho Indian School
CheyenneTurtle Roads, JohnPVT97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneWhite Bear, PeterPVT89 Div 5 Anti-aircraftEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneWhiteshield, Herbert PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ECantonment, OKOK
CheyenneWicks, Charles M.*SGT9 Div Motor Trpt Det 1Okarche, OKOK
CheyenneWilliams, William AlbertCPT2 Div 23 Inf Co ICantonment, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneWolf Chief, Stacy36 Div 133 MG Bn Co CCordell, OKOK
CheyenneYellow Bull, JohnCPL2 Inf Co MClinton, OKOK
Cheyenne Roman Nose, OliverCPLArmyClinton, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoAllrunner, DentPVT18 Aero Construction Co ASThomas, OKOKHaskell
Cheyenne and ArapahoBear Bow, RossSeger Colony, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoBlack Deer, Sam*PVT1 Div 5 Inf Co A / Cas Det 18Clinton, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoBoynton, Richard*Wagoner90 Div 344 FA Sup CoConcho, OKOKKIAChilocco
Cheyenne and ArapahoBrave Bear, OscarOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoConn, Thomas F., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoFlacko, Bryan*SGT97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoGood Bear, Harvey*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co AThomas, OKOKKIA
Cheyenne and ArapahoGoodman, RalphPVT5 Inf Co LKingfisher, OkOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoGunn, Willis*CPL131 MG Bn Co AConcho, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoHolland, JamesArmyOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoJames, Samuel M., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoLittle Wolf, John*PVTDev Bn 1Watonga, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoLumpmouth, Custer*PVT38 Div 151 Inf / 27 Div 108 InfGeary, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoMedicine Bear, Fritz L.*CPLArmyKingfisher, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoMiddleman, RalphOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoPrentiss, Fred*SGTArmyCalumet, OKOKChilocco
Cheyenne and ArapahoRhoads, Harvey I., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoRiggs, HowardArmySeger Colony, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoRoss, AlexanderNavyConcho, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoRoss, Martin F.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoShields, William1LTArmyConcho, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSitting Hawk, Stacey*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSpotted Corn, Rex*165 Dep Brig 15 Bn Co 57OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoTall Bear, Dewey*NavyConcho, OKOKPhoenix
Cheyenne and ArapahoTasso, Elliott*SNNavyKingfisher, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoWhite Thunder, Edward*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoWolf, Donald*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoYellow Eagle, John L., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne River SiouxAugustine, Alex*PVTFA Btry CPierre, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBenoist, Douglas*
Cheyenne River SiouxBenoist, Louis J.*CPL10 Div 69 Inf Co MPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Robert, Sr.*PVT89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FWhite Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Sam*
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Thomas*PVT3 Bn Co 3White Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBowker, William C.PFC3 Div 38 Inf MG CoDewer, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBrings Plenty, Daniel*Cherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxClown, Charlie*
Cheyenne River SiouxClown, Moses*PVT89 Div 314 MP Co BDupree, SDSDKIARapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxDrop at a Distance , DavidPFC77 Div 305 Inf Co KWhite Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxDucharme, MartinNavyCheyenne River, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxDucheneaux, Moses*
Cheyenne River SiouxDucheneaux, Napoleon Charles, Jr.*Saddler3 Div 30 Inf MG CoPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxDupris, Joseph L.PFC32 Div 147 FA Btry CCheyenne River, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxEagle, JonesPVT13 Div Co BCheyenne River, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFiddler, Irving*
Cheyenne River SiouxFielder, Francis F.*PFCCAC 49 Art Btry A / 38 Motor Art Btry ACheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFour Bear, Chester ArmstrongPFC30 Div 118 Inf Co Promise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFrazier, William355 FA Btry DCheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxGrange, Joseph*
Cheyenne River SiouxHates Him, OwenPVT32 Div 147 FA Btry CPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxHawk Eagle, Thomas*CPL89 Div 314 MP Co 89Cherry Creek, SDSDCarlisle
Cheyenne River SiouxHigh Elk, Jobe*PVTArmyEagle Butte, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxHigh Elk, Joseph*PFC3 Div 8 MG Bn Co C / 10 Div 28 FA Sup CoLaPlant, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxHis-horse-is-fast, IsaacPVT32 Div 128 Inf Co CWhite Horse, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxHollow Horn, Charlie
Cheyenne River SiouxIron Moccasin, Theodore*
Cheyenne River SiouxJanis, Chester*
Cheyenne River SiouxJewett, George T.*PFC89 Div 314 MP Trp BFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxJewett, Joseph*
Cheyenne River SiouxLeBeau, Patrick*CPL89 Div 355 Inf Co GPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxLeBeau, Quentin*
Cheyenne River SiouxMeeter, JamesPFC6 Div 53 Inf Med DeptCheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxPeterson, Frank*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxPretty Weasel, Sullivan*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxRattle, RunningPVT365 Inf Co MCheyenne Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRed Buffalo, JohnPFC42 Div 167 Inf Co MHardin Grove, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxRed Horse, Charlie*PVT88 Div 147 FA Btry CCherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRousseau, Louie A.PVT88 Div 147 FA Btry CFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRunning, Frank B.PVT4 SD Inf Co ACherry Creek, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxRuns After, George36 Div 142 InfCherry Creek, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxRussell, Oliver W.CPL88 Div 147 FA Btry CEulaka, MTMT
Cheyenne River SiouxSlow, ThomasPVTArmyCheyenne Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxStiff Tail, JamesPVT41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BHarding Grove, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxVeo, Louis*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWakoke, Frank*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Face, Samuel*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Feather, James*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Weasel, Oscar*Ziebach County, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxWidow, Paul*PVT91 Div 363 Inf Co DCherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne, NorthernBlindwoman, William39 Inf Co HCarlisle
Cheyenne, NorthernCloud, Ben41 Div 164 Inf
Cheyenne, NorthernHollowbreast, J.ArmyMT
Cheyenne, NorthernHollowbreast, WilliamPFC33 Div 122 FA Btry B / 272 MP CoLame Deer, MTMTFlandreau
Cheyenne, NorthernRedrobe, JasperArmyTongue River, MTMT
Cheyenne, NorthernRolland, RenoPVTArmyTongue River, MTMT
Cheyenne, NorthernRowland, Benton A.PVT42 Div 167 Inf Co MBusby, MTMTRapid City
Cheyenne, NorthernRowland, GeorgeArmyTongue River, MTMT
Cheyenne, NorthernSaunders, Thomas D.CPL2 Div 2 Eng Co ACheyenne, WYWY
ChickahominyAdkins, GrahamPFC88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyAdkins, Tazewell A.PFC88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyJones, Robert A.PFC88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickasawArd, Albert Devro*43 Inf Co AMuskogee, OKOK
ChickasawArnold, Luther W.*PFC3 Div 10 FA Btry DArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawAtkinson, Thomas James*Aviation OK
ChickasawBenton, Isaac*165 Dep Brig
ChickasawBolen, Joseph*PVT90 Div 358 Inf Co DStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBolen, Morgan*PVT29 Div 114 Inf Co AStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBrown, Abel B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ChickasawBrown, Jesse F.*PVT36 Div 144 Inf Co FArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawBrown, LeonardArmyOK
ChickasawBurney, Edward Everett*Sup SGT12 Inf Co FOK
ChickasawBurney, Joseph Calhoun*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn OK
ChickasawBurney, Overton Love*SGM36 Div 111 Ammo Tn OK
ChickasawCarter, Benjamin Wisnor*ArmyArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawCasey, John Wesley*SN2NavyOK
ChickasawCash, Patterson S.*QMCPauls Valley, OKOK
ChickasawClayton, William Herbert*Muskogee, OKOK
ChickasawCobb, Calvin*165 Dep Brig 14 Bn Co 55OK
ChickasawColbert, Ben H.*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawColbert, Cubby*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawColbert, Humphreys*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawColbert, Joshua*ArmyGerty, OKOK
ChickasawCollins, Edward*164 Dep Brig Co 28Muskogee, OKOK
ChickasawCollins, George R.*165 Dep Brig OK
ChickasawConnelly, John W.*CPL8 Div 12 Inf CO HKemp, OKOK
ChickasawConnelly, William Ambroise*PFC90 Div 345 MG BnAchille, OKOK
ChickasawCriner, Joe William*90 Div 357 Inf Co KOK
ChickasawCriner, John Adolphus*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawDavis, Buster36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawDickerson, Cecil R.*Med DeptPurcell, OKOK
ChickasawDuckworth, Perry Polaski*36 Div 142 Inf Co EKemp, OKOK
ChickasawDuckworth, Wiley J.*Vet CorpsKemp, OKOK
ChickasawDurant, Preeman John*PVT90 Div 357 Inf Co EMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawEllis, Austin A.ArmyHenrietta, OKOK
ChickasawEubanks, OliverPVT4 Div 59 Inf Co MWynnewood, OKOK
ChickasawFletcher, Abner Brown*343 FA Btry FOK
ChickasawFolsome, Willie*PVT315 Inf Co FLehigh, OKOK
ChickasawGardner, Fitzhugh L.*ArmyOK
ChickasawGlinslade, Albert M.*PFC90 Div Co DAchille, OKOK
ChickasawGoforth, Grover C.*Fld Hosp 359OK
ChickasawGoins, Ludie Napoleon*ArmyPurcell, OKOK
ChickasawGreenwood, Jeff*ArmyLane, OKOK
ChickasawHallum, GeorgePVTMarines 5 Reg Co BBartlett, TNTN
ChickasawHampton, Hollis*Air ServDurant, OKOK
ChickasawHanan, Laurel L.*OK
ChickasawHarden, Josiah*315 Trench Mtr BtryOK
ChickasawHarden, Wood M.*90 Div 357 Inf MG CoOK
ChickasawHarris, Delos*SGT90 Div 358 Inf Co GOkmulgee, OKOK
ChickasawHart, Johnslin*PFC4 Div 39 Inf Co I / 34 Div 136 Inf Co IReagan, OKOK
ChickasawHerndon, Clyde Elwood*NavyOK
ChickasawImotichey, Holmes*PVT90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAda, OKOK
ChickasawJames, Culbertson Buster*90 Div 358 Inf Co DConner, OKOK
ChickasawJames, Feliz*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawJames, George90 Div 357 Inf Co LOK
ChickasawJames, Rufus L.*Wapabucka, OKOK
ChickasawJames, SimeonPVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ETishomingo, OKOKChilocco
ChickasawJefferson, Alec*PVT90 Div 343 FA Btry AEnos, OKOK
ChickasawJennings, John E.*90 Div 357 Inf Co LOK
ChickasawJohnson, Jimmie*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co ETroy, OKOK
ChickasawJohnson, Joseph S.165 Dep Brig Co 33OK
ChickasawJohnson, Thomas Wreen*PVT36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co GOK
ChickasawKeel, Archison C.*CPLArmyReagan, OKOK
ChickasawKeel, Bennie Franklin*ArmyOKChilocco
ChickasawKeel, Lewellyn D.*PFC90 Div 343 FA Btry EStratford, OKOK
ChickasawKeel, William T.*ArmyStratford, OKOKChilocco
ChickasawKemp, Eli Clem*PFC90 Div 409 Telegraph Co ETishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawKemp, LymanPVT82 Div 320 FA Btry DMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawKemp, Raymond H.*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co CTishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawKillcrease, Stanwaity*Fireman 1CNavyAda, OKOKCarli
ChickasawLavers, Bennett H.*SGT90 Div 357 Inf Co KConway, OKOKKIAChilocco
ChickasawLavers, Dawes*SANavyArdmore, OKOKChilocco
ChickasawLemon, Bennie*PVT89 Div 355 Inf Co HMead, OKOK
ChickasawLester, Moran S.*PVT4 Div 39 Inf Co KArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawLewis, Edmond*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 141 Inf Co AConway, OKOK
ChickasawLiley, Dotson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawLove, GeorgeArmyOK
ChickasawMaytubby, Peter P.*PVT36 Div 142 Inf Co EReagan, OKOK
ChickasawMcCauley, William Watkins*179 Inf HQ CoOK
ChickasawMcKeel, John C.*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co DOK
ChickasawMiller, William*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co BOK
ChickasawMoore, Claude M.*36 Div 111 Ammo TnOK
ChickasawMosely, Garnett F.*OKChilocco
ChickasawMosely, SimonOKChilocco
ChickasawParnacher, Nonles*PVT36 Div 141 Inf Co FHickory, OKOK
ChickasawPayne, Thomas H.*90 Div 357 Inf HQ CoOK
ChickasawPernacher, NolensPVT36 Div 141 Inf Co FHickory, OKOK
ChickasawPerriman, George W.*PVT36 Div 141 Inf Co IRoff, OKOK
ChickasawPerry, James W.*110 MP Co BOK
ChickasawPerry, Joe36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawPhillips, George E.*143 Inf Co KOK
ChickasawPhillips, Harry H.*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co FOK
ChickasawPhillips, Hill*165 Dep BrigOK
ChickasawPhillips, Rolla*ArmyOK
ChickasawPickens, Dave*PVTRepl TG Det Co BLebanon, OKOK
ChickasawPickens, William Will*PVT35 Div 130 FA Btry BMadill, OKOKHaskell
ChickasawPickey, Thomas Benson*PFCTuttle, OKOK
ChickasawPorter, Hamp J.*165 Dep BrigOK
ChickasawPotts, John Taylor, Jr.*344 MG Bn OKChilocco
ChickasawPowell, Bert Roy*PFC34 Div 109 Inf Co AYarnaby, OKOK
ChickasawRaines, John*90 Div 357 Inf Co BOK
ChickasawShannon, Charlie Foster*PVT80 Inf Brig HQ DetWayne, OKOK
ChickasawStrickland, William D.*90 Div 357 Inf Co GOK
ChickasawThompson, Robert Lee*ArmyRosedale, OKOK
ChickasawTurnbull, Albert*PVT90 Div 358 InfAchille, OKOKKIA
ChickasawTussy, Alex Hugh*PVT80 Inf Co HTussy, OKOK
ChickasawUnderwood*, Isaac*Reagan, OKOK
ChickasawUnderwood, Intolubby H.*PVT42 Div 165 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawVanderslice, Walter*ArmyWynnewood, OKOK
ChickasawWard, Estwill Chisholm*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawWebster, David HovisPVT4 Div 39 Inf Co LPurdy, OKOK
ChickasawWolf, William Abel*PVT36 Div 144 Inf Co DKingston, OKOK
ChickasawWright, Lester N.CPL 90 Div 357 Inf Co EHot Springs, ARAR
ChinookDurkee, CharlesNavyChemawa
ChinookGoodell, Charles LincolnPVT77 Div 306 Reg Co BSiletz, OROR
ChinookGoodell, Henry M.PVT77 Div 306 Reg Co BSiletz, OROR
ChinookGoodell, John JoeWTNavySiletz, OROR
ChippewaAckley, Ray P.PVT32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaAhnahquod, AntoineMN NG 4 Inf Co CGrand Portage, MNMN
ChippewaAntell, James RobertPFC90 Div 359 Inf Co CKimberly, MNMNPipestone
ChippewaArbuckle, Elias FrancisPVTArmyShell Lake, WIWI
ChippewaArbuckle, Francis AlonsioPVTArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaArbuckle, GeorgePVTArmyAshland, WIWI
ChippewaAsher, John WilliamPVTArmyZeba, MIMI
ChippewaAsher, SamuelCPL32 Div 125 Inf HQ CoZeba, MIMIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaAuginash, FredPVT166 Dep Brig Co D Branch 1Naytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaAwan, JamesPFC3 Div 30 Inf Co ILibby, MNMN
ChippewaBachand, James EdwardPVTAir ServiceL'Anse, MIMI
ChippewaBaker, Joe, Jr.PVT32 DivBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaBaker, William LordArmySan Francisco, CACASherman
ChippewaBarcelo, AlbertArmyLangdon, NDNDChilocco
ChippewaBatiste, JosephNavyAshland, WIWI
ChippewaBeane, Raymond 32 EngHaskell
ChippewaBeane, Truman344 InfHaskell
ChippewaBear, FrankHospital Steward27 Hosp CorpOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaBear, John, Jr.Bayfield, WIWI
ChippewaBeaulieu, DeweyPVT32 Div 125 Inf Co KDetroit, MIMIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBelgarde, JohnSGT91 Div 362 Inf Co MWolf Point, MTMT
ChippewaBelille, DavePFC32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaBellcourt, Willie L.MUS6 Div 6 Ammo Tn / 605 Eng BandPosston, MNMN
ChippewaBellefeuille, Leon GeorgePFC4 Motor Mec Co 8Callaway, MNMN
ChippewaBelonger, CharlesPVTArmyMIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBelonger, JosephArmyMIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBement, William HerbertPVTMarines 2 Reg 53 CoWaubun, MNMN
ChippewaBender, FrederickPVT88 Div 337 MG Bn Co BSibley, MNMNHampton
ChippewaBero, GeorgeMIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBero, JosephArmyMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBigboy, WilliamPFC32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaBisson, Leo JosephFireman 1 clNavyDetroit, MNMN
ChippewaBluesky, William J.PFC32 Div 127 Inf MG CoWinter, WIWI
ChippewaBluestone, Thomas DeweyPVT16 Div 16 Trench Mortar BnRedwood, MNMN
ChippewaBouchard, Albert160 Dep Brig 1 Bn Co 3MIMt. Pleasant
ChippewaBresette, DominickPVTIRT HQ CoSt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaBresette, Leonard F.PVTArmyMilwaukee, WIWI
ChippewaBriggs, Charles E.Chief MMNavy
ChippewaBrokaw, George DeweyWagoner88 Div 121 FA Btry CSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaBungo, GeorgePVT58 Inf Co HBena, MNMN
ChippewaBunker, Isaac C.PVT89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ENaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaButterfield, MikeBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaButterfield, StephenBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaCabay, ChesterBay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCabay, Judson B.Bay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCadotte, Charles A.PVT32 Div 127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCadotte, DuffyArmyWI
ChippewaCadotte, JohnCPL32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DHayward, WIWIHayward
ChippewaCadreau, WilliamArmyWI
ChippewaCameron, JosephPVT26 Div 101 Eng Co CBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaCampbell, Frank
ChippewaCarufel, EddieHayward
ChippewaCarufel, GeorgeHayward
ChippewaCayenne, George J.SN2USS OklahomaHavre, MTMTCarlisle
ChippewaCedotte, Charles A.32 Div 127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaChampaine, JohnCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaCharwood, Walter*Army
ChippewaChatfield, WallacePFC32 Div 128 Inf Co GSt. Charles, MIMIKIAMt. Pleasant / Carlisle
ChippewaChicag, ArchiePVT32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaChingway, MikeNavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaChippeway, JohnPVT82 Div 328 Inf MG CoOnigum, MNMN
ChippewaChisholm, JohnPVT32 Div InfHaskell / Hayward
ChippewaCimmerman, HenryGrand Portage, MNMN
ChippewaClark, Harry ThomasPVT32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClark, Nathan J.PVT32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClements, Fred S.ArmyHaskell
ChippewaCloud, Antoine A.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCo Cumig, TibishPVTCAC 49 Reg Co DBay River, MNMN
ChippewaConnor, Andrew E.CPL7 Div 79 FA HQ CoOrange, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaConnor, Richard L.PFC26 Div 101 Sup Tn Co FCumberland, WIWI
ChippewaCoon, CharliePFC32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DBalsom Lake, WIWI
ChippewaCoon, GeorgePVT32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCumberland, WIWIHayward
ChippewaCoon, LewisPVT32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWIHayward
ChippewaCouture, George W.PVTArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCouture, Peter S.PVT86 Div 331 FA Btry FBrookston, MNMN
ChippewaCrawford, Sam G.Grand Portage, MNMN
ChippewaCrokaw, George D.PVT88 Div Spring Brook, WIWI