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Am Legion cover photo 2

Georgia’s Participation in the World War

Georgia’s Participation in the World War and the History of the Department of Georgia The American Legion

by Joseph M. Toomey, A.B., D.D.S.


The History of the Department of Georgia The American Legion Auxiliary

by Mrs. Joseph M. Toomey


Macon, Georgia

The J.W. Burke Company, Publishers


This history of both the World War from Georgia’s perspective and of the American Legion in Georgia is provided to the Georgia WW1 Centennial Commission for website display by the Department of Georgia American Legion.

Appreciation goes to State Commanders Carmen Streit-Smith and John Pizzo for their kind permission to digitize and display this important history, thus making it much more widely available.

Grateful appreciation also goes to the Flint River Regional Library, Griffin, Georgia, for the use of their copy of this work. It is from this physical volume that these digitized pages are taken.



Georgia Historical Quartlery logo
The Georgia Historical Society has graciously granted permission for the Georgia WW1 Centennial Commission to post these seven historical articles about Georgia and World War 1.  These were published in the Georgia Historical Quarterly between 1968 and 2012.  These are being provided here in PDF format.  The original articles may be accessed in the collections of The Georgia Archives, The Atlanta History Center, as well as in other libraries and archives.  




Soldiers of The Great War Book Cover

Soldiers of the Great War is a 3 volume work, published in 1920, by the Soldiers Record Publishing Co. of Washington, DC.  It contains an index and photo array of United State soldiers who died in World War One.  The attached pages are for Georgia, as contained in Volume 1 of this work.  

Appreciation is extended to the Oconee Regional Library, Dublin, Georgia, for the use of its book to make these digital photos.  In addition to the Oconee Regional Library, other Georgia libraries that own original copies of Soldiers of the Great War are the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, the Georgia Archives, the University of Georgia, Athens Regional Library, Sara Hightower Regional Library (Rome), and the Perry Branch of the Houston County Library.


Medical Training Camp Title Page Page 01

This rare WW1 document covers the early months of Ft. Oglethorpe (GA) WW1 training camp.  This publication provides details of the camp, including history, extensive personnel rosters, organizational information, field hospital information, ambulance companies, evacuation hospitals, sanitary companies, regimental detachments, Red Cross ambulance companies, National Guard detachments, the First Tennessee Field Hospital and Ambulance Company, and numerous commercial advertisements for local goods and services.

Appreciation goes to the administration and staff of the Ingram Library, University of West Georgia, for scanning their original copy of this publication and for permission to provide this digital PDF copy on this website.


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HITT   Camp Gord. Newspaper index001 1

Prepared by Mr. Michael Hitt, Roswell, GA.  







Consolation Otranto PDF Page 1 Image 0001

Consolation - Words and Music by F.A. Warth, Savannah, Georgia, 1919.


Dedicated to the Memory of My Son, William Eugene Warth and his Comrades

who lost their lives on the U.S. Transport “Otranto”, October 6, 1918.