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Harry Malott

Submitted by: Gerri Brown

no photo 300Photo submitted by Jody McDonald, 1st cousin 2x removed.Harry Malott served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 04/03/1917-11/1918.

Story of Service


Veteran of World War 1
Enlisted - April 3, 1917 – Discharged-Nov. 1918
Landing in Hoboken, New Jersey
Paraded in New York City, N.Y.

On April 3, 1917 Harry Malott and his cousin Oliver Smith came to Canton, Illinois to enlist in the army in World War 1. Harry returned from the War In 1918. He had been wounded a couple times but never went to a doctor. His cousin Oliver was killed in battle in World War 1. Oliver is buried in France.

When applying for enlistment in the U. S. Army on April 3, 1917, when weighing in Harry was too light and they were going to reject him. He left and drank a lot of water to add weight and returned to weigh again. He was sworn in April 6, 1917, Company 1, 18th infantry as a Wagoner. He served overseas in Europe in World War 1 in France and Germany.

Returning home after the war ended. The troop ship was previously a cattle transport boat, & to keep down sea sickness he said that he ate onions that were kept in crate to feed the whales. Upon returning to U. S. soil the ship landed in Hoboken, New Jersey & the group of soldiers were transported to New York City where along with other soldiers they paraded through the center of New York City . When they landed thy left guns, mess kit, Cups, etc all in a large pile. He later was able to retrieve a mess kit and metal cup (not his own).

He did not talk much about the actual battles but told his daughters of a few: Once when Harry Malott was driving the team assigned to him (I think he said it was mules) to the front line with supplies, such as food and & ammunition, while the enemy was firing great big shells, that exploded all around, at United States Army, one landed near enough to his team & wagon that his team was killed and when he came to he was not on the seat of the wagon but was lying between his team. He has a shrapnel wound in his leg and hand but never went to the Doctor.

Another experience he told was as follows: This was a time when the Leading officers were seeking a few volunteer’s go over into the enemy lines at night on a reconnaissance, Harry Malott was one of the volunteers. He said they went after dark and crawled on their stomach under the barbwire entanglement into No-Mans-Land searching to see what information they could when suddenly he heard someone speaking in German, right under their feet. They silently went down into the German trench and found a dugout and captured a German Officer and took him back to headquarters.

Harry told his daughters he appreciated General John Pershing as a great general.

At the end of the war Harry Malott was awarded ‘The French medal of honor called Croix de guerre. Harry Malott said they told him that there was only 10 of these medals given at this time.

After World War 1, Harry E. Malott married Ora M. Hopping. They had 4 daughters. Harry E. Malott passed away on Nov. 14, 1974. He and family lived in rural Ipava, IL. He was a farmer for several years, living rural Ipava, Cuba, and Canton, Illinois. After retiring from farming he took up selling real estate and lived in Canton, Illinois.

Memories By: Gladys & Irene Malott

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Harry E Malott Son of Abram Nephew of Irma Belle RogersHarry E Malott Son of Abram Nephew of Irma Belle Rogers. Photo submitted by Jody McDonald, 1st cousin 2x removed.