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Private Abdul Samad

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo 

no photo 300Private Abdul Samad served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known November 16 1917- July 11, 1919.

 Story of Service


Abdul Samad was born in Kirkalen Calcutta India in May 1895. He came to the United States before 1917 and settled in New York City.

He began his U.S. Army service on November 16 1917 in New York City. Samad served with the 152 Depot Brigade until August, 16 1918. He then served with Company A of the 329 Colored Labor Service Battalion, Quartermaster until his discharge.

Samad served overseas from August 26, 1918 to June 23, 1919.

It is important to note that on his New York State World War I military service abstract, it listed that Samad was a draft deserter. He failed to report to induction by the adjutant general of New York. He was apprehended On July 25, 1918 in New Brunswick, New Jersey and was forwarded to Camp Upton, New York to start his military service.

On August 26, 1918, Private Samad and his unit departed from Hoboken, New Jersey on the ship Agamemnon for France. On June 12, 1919 Samad departed from St. Nazaire, France on the ship Princess Matoika for Camp Jackson, South Carolina.

Abdul returned to New York after the war. Private Abdul Samad died on June 17, 1938 at age of 44 and is buried at the Long Island National Cemetery in New York.

 Private Abdul Samad image

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