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Irvin G Pischner

Submitted by: Don Pischner {Son}

Irvin G Pischner

Irvin G Pischner born around 1893. Irvin Pischner served in World War 1 with the United States Army . The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Joined in June 1918 with friend Ruby Hudlow. Each assigned to 77th Div 308 Inf Co M and Co A respectively. Ruby Hudlow survivor of "Lost Battalion." I knew them both in my youth.

Irvin G. Pischner and Ruben Hudlow were WWI Veterans.  They were U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 77th DIvision - 308th Infantry, Companies M and A, respectively. I knew them both -- Irvin, my dad, and Ruben, his friend, a survivor of the "Lost Battalion."

They grew up together in Northern Idaho, signed up together in June 1918 for military duty, trained together at Camps Lewis, Kearney, and Upton.  They Joined New York's finest -- the Liberty Division -- DOughboys identified by the Statue of Liberty insignia. Each served in France's Argonne-Meuse, after which they returned home to Idaho to enjoy long, healthy lives.

In my youth, during my time with them, some two decades after their Army discharge, I now recall very little discussion of the "forgotten war." My dad told few stories. Ruby only explained that his missing finger resulted from a wartime gunshot. I wish that I would have been more inquisitive.

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