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Francesco Di Cresce

Submitted by: Frank M. Seleno {Grand Nephew}

Francesco Di Cresce mug

Francesco Di Cresce was born around 1894.  Francesco Di Cresce served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Francesco Di Cresce was born in the small hill town of Sora Italy located in the commune of Lazio and the province of Frosinone. Francesco was the 3rd child and oldest boy of seven(7) children of parents Pietro and Lucia Di Cresce (Matacchione).

Older sisters Vincenza (1) , Restitutta (2) and younger brothers Antonio (4) , Giulio/Julius (5), Innocenco (6) and Sante (7). They were considered “contadini”. People who made their living farming. Francesco and Restitutta were close and when young would go to the market in town to sell the tomatoes and zucchini grown by the family. Being called a “contadino” in Italy was not an insult. But in America, the new way of thinking was like this. The moment an Italian peasant sets foot on Ellis Island, he becomes a “Signore”. A gentleman.

Born on November 25, 1894 Francesco was born under the Zodiac sign of the Archer Sagittarius. This sign symbolizes someone who aims high, has a positive outlook on life and has great charisma. Those traits surely helped Francesco who at the young age of 18 years traveled to the United States in search of opportunity and a better life for his family. Francesco Di Cresce was the first of his family on U.S. soil.


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