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Henry Elise Lambert

Submitted by: Donna Blews {Granddaughter}

5cbf61067a9ff Henry Lambert small picHenry Elise Lambert born around 1896. Henry Lambert served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Henry was not his real name! The Army shortened his name from Joseph Eteinne Remi Elise Lambert, when he enlisted in the National Guard April 2, 1917. Henry was born in Canada, but lived in Berlin, New Hampshire.

Henry was part of Co L,1st infantry NH National Guard(Co L 103rd infantry)...he was part of Co K 103 infrantry, 26th Yankee Division ti his discharge. He earned Private first Class C1 on January 13/1919. Henry was stationed at Camp Keyes, in Concord,NH, and then moved to Camp Bartlett, on the Hampden Plains, in Westfield,Massachusetts and was shipped off to France from there. Henry fought in the following campaigns: Champagne-Marne,Aisne-Marne,St.Mihiel,Meuse-Argone,Defensive Sector.

On September 27,1918, he was severely gassed, and reported to the Base Hospital on October 4th ,he was complaining of conjestion and chest pain,they prescribed best rest and RX.On October 16, he was tested and sent back to duty. he was again in the hospital for observation for the gas attach. He was suffering from gas absorption of deleterious chlorine and mustered gas inhalation while in action.This injury was received in the Champlon,St.Mihiel Sector.

At Camp, Hospital #5, on February 3, 1919, he was back in the hospital again with a cough and trouble breathing.Henry was back in the hospital on February 15 with Bronchi Pneumonia. Due to this gas attach Henry experienced complications with his lungs for the rest of his life.Plus he came home with the influenza that was making its rounds throughout the world at that time.

He was released from service at Camp Devens, Ayre,Mass April 28, 1919...

A book of the 103rd Infantry regiment of the 26th Yankee division was written with photos of the Companies of men...Co K, photo and list of men are pictured in the book and Henry's name is there with his Army service number...Henry did earn the Purple Heart when it was re established, but the family did not know this, though it is noted on his Military Grave marker.

With research, I was able to receive a duplicate of the Purple Heart Award for the family.

As a child, when we visited my grandparents home in New Hampshire, I can remember sleeping on the Army cot he used in WWI. Though at that time I did not realize the history of the cot or the War it had been part of...Thanks Pepere for you service!!!

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Henry Lambert