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Richard Lee Arnold

Submitted by: Kim Gregg {granddaughter}

Richard Arnold image

Richard Lee Arnold was born in 1895. Richard Arnold served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Richard Lee “Dick” Arnold was born January 21, 1895 to John Edward and Louallan (née Nickerson) Arnold. He was the youngest of four children who grew up on a farm two miles east of Ames, Iowa.

After the US government declared war on Germany, President Wilson instituted a national draft. Dick registered as required. He enlisted (whether he was drafted or volunteered remains unclear) in the Army on August 28, 1918 at the Nevada (Iowa) courthouse as that was the county seat of Story County.

He was inducted through Camp Dodge (Johnston, Iowa - home of the Iowa National Guard) being assigned to the 144th Engineers.

The 144th was transported to Camp Shelby (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) where Dick trained as a signal man. He is pictured in uniform with his unit there on October 20. The 101st Division was established at Camp Shelby on November 2 as the men entrained. The war ended November 11 when the Armistice was signed. The 101st was disbanded before becoming fully established a month later. Corporal Arnold was honorably discharged on December 21 and sent home.

After his brief military service, Dick returned to farming. He married Myrtle Marie Page in 1923 and they started a family (three boys). Dick was tragically hurt while loading hogs for market. He succumbed to his injuries on June 11, 1935. He was 40 years old.