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George Anthony Basel

Submitted by: Brian Basel {Grandson}

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George Anthony Basel was born around 1890. George Basel served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Served in the U.S. Navy for four years as a Machinist Mate First Class on four ships prior to World War One.

Enlisted in the Army on April 4, 1918 and was stationed at Camp Upton, Yaphank, NY, with the 28th "Keystone" Infantry Division. He served overseas in France from May 4, 1918 with Company H, 2nd Battalion, 111th Infantry Regiment and then with Company B, 3rd Battalion.

His battle campaigns include Champagne-Marne, St. Muhiel, and meuse-Argonne at Toul Sector. He was wounded in the right hand and shoulder on July 17, 1918 clearing the woods (Bois D'Aigremont) over the Paris Metz Road between Crezancy and Fossoy and was taken to Base 45 at Blois, France for recovery. He rejoined Company H on October 10, 1918 as it passed through Mountblainville, France.

Being fluent in German, when his unit returned home April 18, 1919, he remained overseas serving as an interpreter.

His Army awards include the Purple Heart Medal, the World War One Victory Medal with three campaign clasps, the Defense Sector Clasp and the France Clasp, the World War One Occupation Medal as well as two gold overseas service chevrons, one gold wound chevron, and one red honorable discharge chevron.

Discharged at Camp Upton, NY, as a Private First Class on August 11, 1919 and returned to service in the New York City Police Department and retired April 30, 1940.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of him in his World War I uniform. These are his New York City police uniforms but please note that in two of them he is wearing his World War I medals plus some Police department medals. I knew him well as I was 30 years old when he passed. Despite some extensive research, including at the New York City Police museum, I have never been able to identify all the medals.

You may also note that he was in the Navy before World War I and came out as a machinist mate first class. Then he volunteered and went into the Army during World War I and came out as a PFC. I do have the book of his Regiment with all his annotations of where he was shot and where he rejoined the unit.

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