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Annie Elizabeth Jones

Submitted by: Mark Johnson {Great Nephew}


Annie Elizabeth Jones served in World War 1 with the American Red Cross. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Annie E Jones was a nurse from Canada (Lanark, Ontario) who served with the American Expeditionary Force. The article below was published in the Lanark newspaper.

My father's Aunt Nan was born in Lanark, Ontario to Jacob and Magdaline Jones. Annie's contribution in the First World War is outlined in the news item below which appeared in the Lanark or Kingston newspaper.

There may have been a little confusion whether she was with the Canadian Expeditionary Force or the American Expeditionary Force. She eventually moved to America after the war.

Canadian Nurse Honoured

Our boys have done nobly in the past war and we are proud of them, but we are also proud of the work of our Canadian women, too, and they are very many.

Another instance has been brought to our notice when Miss Annie E. Jones, formerly of this village, but now with the American Expeditionary Force, France, has been cited for bravery under fire. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, formerly of Lanark received the following:
From the Adjutant General, A.E.F.

To: Commanding Officer Evacuation Hospital No. 4

Subject: Heroic Conduct of Nurse Annie E. Jones

It is with the deepest gratification that the Commander-in-Chief, directs me to express to you and to your nurse listed above his great pride in her heroic conduct on Nov. 2nd, 1918 when Evacuation Hospital No. 4 was shelled by the enemy artillery.

It is another page added to our nations history, a page brilliantly illuminated by the bravery of our American Women in France.

The Commander-in-Chief further directs me to say to your nurse that he is proud of her and you all, and her deed will be added to the annals of the American Expeditionary Forces.

By Command of General Pershing

J.A. Ullic, Adjutant General

In the bombardment mentioned above, her diary mentions Nan taking an order from a doctor, and when she turned back around to get a clarification, his head had been shot off by cannon fire. She also mentions in her diary, the many soldiers they would have admitted to the hospital after several gas attacks.