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Loomis Trudeau

Submitted by: Kelly Durocher {Brother in law of 2nd great aunt}

Loomis Trudeau image

Loomis Trudeau born around 1897. Loomis Trudeau served in World War 1 with the United States Navy. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1917.

Story of Service


Loomis Trudeau was born in North Adams, Massachusetts in 1897. He was the fifth child of William and Josephine Trudeau. Loomis had four brothers and five sisters. The Trudeau family moved to Schenectady, New York when Loomis was about eight years old. Soon after moving to Schenectady Loomis’ father was killed while crossing railroad tracks. Loomis’ mother was left to raise ten children on her own.

Loomis enlisted in the United States Navy on April 28, 1917. At the time of entering the service he was employed in the standardizing laboratory of the General Electric Company. Shortly after enlistment he became ill with pneumonia for many months and was hospitalized.

His first trip to the other side was on the U.S.S. Lake Moor and his rank was Fireman 3rd Class.

On the night of April 11,1918 the U.S.S. Lake Moor was torpedoed by the German Submarine UB-73 and sank three miles off Corsewall Light, Scotland. There were only seventeen survivors.

Loomis was never found.


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