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Henry P Furtado

Submitted by: Cidalina Maziarski {Great Niece}

Henry P FurtadoHenry P Furtado was born around 1898. Henry Furtado served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Henry Furtado wanted to fight in "the great war" he lied about his age and went into the war at the age 0f 16 (I would believe he was going to be 17 soon) but just weeks in France I was told he was killed when cleaning a cannon (or weapon of some kind) and backfired on him on Aug 13 1918.

His records say he was killed in Action. Aug 18th 1918 was the big Battle in Amiens, France that pushed back the Germans 25 miles. I would believe that Henry was getting ready for this event and never made it.

He did write this letter to his sister Mary one month before he was killed. This is the transcript of his Letter for sister Mary:

July 13/18
Dear Sister,

Your most welcomed letter received and indeed appreciated very much.

I thought that you had forgotten me, but remember sister that I love you still and it is not a hard thing to write once in a while and let me know how things are getting along. Well sister I am in the best of conditions that a soldier desires and hope you are the same also your husband William. Well sister how are you getting along with your new life. I bet you wished you were in single life, honest sister you was foolish to get married as young as you are and so pretty girl as you he might be a good husband to you, but single life is better then anything in the world sister nothing to worry you. You said your living in Providence what the matter with home sister, also you said that you don’t work, leave a mind Mary you will get sick of it and then you will work. We solder boys do nothing that we get so lazy that after a while we like to work hard and then we get work and we get tired of working and then we do not know what to do so this is the life.

Well lets change the subject to something else Mary at the present time its Saturday and we are getting ready for the parade in the city Sunday 14 of July which it’s a French holiday I wish you were here so you could see us boys dressed good and trained as well so we can whip Kaiser Bill and come home with victory won and peace and humanity forever more. He’s some fight sister Yes sister it was quite a long time since I heard from you and thought you was mad with me sister what made you leave home and go to that town is there many pretty girls out there give them my love and also get a good ones picture and send it to me, also my address and send me hers. You must have a good time over there I wonder if you go to lawn party’s as you did home, have you got some of my pictures, if not please let me know and I will send you a couple of them and also to your friend girls. I wonder sister if I were home? Would you get married to anyone I bet you wouldn’t get married, Sister I met Tony, Angelina’s sweetheart he is with me in the same camp, and leaving this day in which I am writing. Well Sister I’m a trained solder one year and two months and it [won’t] be very long when we will be at the firing lines of Germany. Well all I have to say first now sister keep corresponding with me, he won’t get mad, I’m your brother, I always liked you sister you know that, you said anything I want to ask you for it, well all I want is your picture and that’s all, and remember your brother Henry who will wait patently for a answer from his sister regards to the people over there and your husband also the girls don’t forget that girl for me.

From your true solder brother Henry who still loves you.

With Love to all.

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