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Film Festival - Animated
Hold Your Own WWI Armistice Film Festival
Plus Bonus Shorts

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Requests for Festivals is closed : Please click the button above if you are interested in holding a WWI Film Festival in the future. We are looking at the possibility of making this an on-going program.


WWI Armistice Film Festivals Overview

The “YourAce” program also includes a WWI Armistice Film Festival package. Designed to enhance this important time of reflection, these select films offer learning and sharing opportunities about World War I, and the significance of the War that Changed the World. This exclusive Film Festival package is available to any organization or community venue for a donation of $500 or more to the National World War I Memorial in Washington, DC. The films include:

  • "Pershing's Path to Glory",  40min | Documentary 
    A new documentary film that traces the story of Blackjack Pershing, the General who led American forces in World War I.

  • "The Hello Girls" 55min | Documentary |
    A new documentary playing to standing room only audiences around the country. It's the inspiring story about the first women to serve in the US Army and their 60-year struggle to get their veteran's benefits and their 100-year struggle for deserved recognition. 

  • "Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero", PG | 1h 24min | Animated Film
    The fully animated feature film that tells the true story about a dog and his Doughboy in World War I. This wonderfully made movie is an ideal draw to bring entire families and their kids into the commemoration of the Armistice. 

  • “The Millionaires’ Unit” 2h | Documentary, Action, History
    The award-winning documentary about a privileged group of college students from Yale who formed a private air militia in preparation for America’s entry into World War I. They became the founding squadron of the U.S. Naval Air Reserve and were the first to fly for the United States in WWI.

  • Lafayette Escadrille Preview 10min Preview | Documentary, Action, History
    From the producers of The Millionaires’ Unit we will be offering a preview of the first comprehensive documentary about the Lafayette Escadrille, the all-true story of the American pilots who volunteered to fly for France in World War I.

  • "A Soldier's Journey" 10min Premiere
    The premiere showings of the new US World War I Commission sponsored short film, which tells the story of World War I through the elements of the sculpture being created by sculptor Sabin Howard for the National World War I Memorial.

  • “Your Armistice Event Resource Tool Kit” with items to enhance events such as: “Getting the Word Out” tools with sample proclamation, press releases, and social media posts as well as “Creating the Day Ideas” tools including recommendations for music, taps, pipers and liturgies.

The Deal

Donate $500 or more to the National World War I Memorial in Washington DC and you will receive:

  • Public performance license from the film makers for unlimited showings between November 9-12, 2018
  • DVD or Blu-ray discs for each of the films
  • A promotion tool kit for your local film festival

You provide the location and video playback system: The playback requires a Blu-ray capable player
(available from Amazon, as low as <$50 if you do not have one)

At the end of the festival you return the DVDs or Blu-ray discs in the provided return mailer

Your Own Fundraiser

The public performance license included your ability to charge for attendance to your WWI Armistice Film Festival so you can use this for your own fundraising, to recover your donation to the National World War I Memorial in Washington DC, additional support for the Memorial or all of the above.