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The Impact of WWI on the Nursing Profession

Date: Apr 18, 2016

The U.S. Army’s Nursing Corps grew from more than 400 in 1917 to more than 21,000 nurses by the conclusion of the war in 1918. This extraordinary expansion is evidence of nursing’s dedication regardless of personal sacrifices. Learn more about the experiences of nurses in WWI and the lasting legacy for the profession in this continuing education opportunity featuring three lectures presented by the University of Kansas School of Nursing and the National World War I Museum and Memorial in conjunction with the exhibition, The Second Battlefield: Nurses in the First World War.

Presenters include: Colonel Richard Prior (Chief Nursing Officer/Deputy Commander for Nursing, Ireland Army Community Hospital), Dr. Sanders Marble (Senior Historian in the Office of Medical History, U.S. Army) and Colonel Elizabeth Vane (Army Nurse Corps Historian, U.S. Army).

Recorded February 20, 2016 in J.C. Nichols Auditorium at The National World War I Museum and Memorial.

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