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Sync Call for Wednesday April 13 at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1. Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Rededication Ceremony

2. WWI Word of the Week

3. State Commemorative Challenge Coins

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To join us for the Sync Call you must register here (name and email are all that are required). You need register only once - doing so will sign you up to join next week's call and every call thereafter.

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News and Announcements:

Updates from the States

Volunteer for state outreach. Contact the National Coordination Team if you are willing to help.


Next WWICC Meeting May 4 at the National WWI Museum and Memorial

The Commission will hold its next meeting on May 4 in Kansas City at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. The meeting will begin at 9am; it is open to the general public.

Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Rededication Ceremony- Wednesday, April 20 in Paris

A new special section on the World War 1 Centennial Commission web site tells the story of the Lafayette Escadrille, the squadron, the heritage, the memorial , the re-dedication event, and an expanding series of articles about those pioneering and brave young Americans who went to France to fly before America entered the war. We invite you to explore it here!

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park

Visit ww1cc.org/design to check out the winning design team and their design concept.

You can make this memorial a reality by donating $11.11 today to the Memorial Fund. These veterans deserve a memorial. We can build it.

Challenge Coins

We will offer our partners the opportunity to create and purchase challenge coins with our logo on the obverse and theirs on the reverse. Let Meredith Carr know if you’re interested.

WW1 Commemorative Merchandise

The WW1CC merchandise store is open on our website! Go online to get your own fine-crafted piece of WW1 commemorative merchandise and to support the Commission all at once. We have an exciting and varied line of products available for purchase - check it out today!

DISPATCH Newsletter

The Commission publishes a weekly newsletter, the DISPATCH. If you’re not receiving this and want to, sign up on our Commission Subscription webpage.


WWI Word of the Week

Brought to you by the WWICC Millennial Marketing Interns

Pillbox: Today known only as a receptacle for medicine, in WWI the term was used to describe small side-by-side bunkers that resembled a pillbox from above.


Volunteer Spotlight

Stephen Taber, Massachusetts State Outreach Volunteer

Stephen Taber’s originally connected with the First World War through his WWI-veteran, second cousin’s diary. When asked to spearhead the establishment of a Massachusetts WWI commemorative body, Stephen threw himself into it. He was relatively new to the state and so didn’t know very many people. He began contacting potential allies throughout the Commonwealth, including Secretary of Veterans Affairs Francisco Urena, who was essentially in securing the gubernatorial proclamation that established the Massachusetts WWI Centennial Commission just last week on April 6 - the 99th Anniversary of America’s entry into the war. So far the Commission has had two meetings; their next to be later this month. The Massachusetts commission is currently setting up a state website on ww1cc.org and hope to begin working with veterans and the educational community starting next year.


The Great War Channel

Would you like to see some great videos on YouTube about WWI? Check out The Great War Channel. Posting multiple times a week, ‘The Great War’ shows you the history of the First World War in the four years from 1914 to 1918. The host, Indy, takes you back week by week and shows you what was going on in the past. Please subscribe to see these great posts. Their latest videos are:

Zeppelins over Britain - Terror in the Skies : THE GREAT WAR Week 89
Published on Apr 7, 2016. As the other fronts are relatively quiet, the war is taken to the air. Zeppelins bombard Britain, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian air forces were fighting on the Italian Front and Greece was bombarded. The British and Greek civilians were now too casualties of this war with no end in sight. Though the Kaiser thinks the decision will be made at Verdun in the near future.

Military Chaplains - German Skull Caps : OUT OF THE TRENCHES
Published on Apr 9, 2016. Chair of Wisdom Time! We are talking about Military Chaplains and the German Skull Caps. Bonus: Indy is preaching to all of us on why we shouldn't compare numbers and statistics of the war without loosing touch with the individual fate.

The Tragic Downfall Of The Lion Of The Isonzo - Svetozar Borojević : WHO DID WHAT IN WW1?
Published on Apr 11, 2016. Even though he was called "the thick headed Croat" no southern Slav had ever achieved the rank of Field Marshal before Svetozar Borojevic von Bojna. During World War 1 he was probably the best general of the Habsburg Empire and his deeds during the Carpathian campaign and especially the defence against the Italians at the Isonzo River made him popular and earned him another nickname: Lion of the Isonzo.


The Great War Project with Mike Shuster


Both Sides Desperate to End War.
Enormous Preparations at Somme; Russian Front Collapsing; Starvation in Mesopotamia.

Among the British preparations at the Somme, they bring new tanks to the battlefield.

(7-10 April) All the armies locked in battle are exhausted and desperate to end the war. So plans are underway on both the Eastern and Western Fronts, and in the Middle East, for major offensives.

The British are beginning to plan for an offensive at the River Somme in northern France. And in the east, Russian General Alexei Brusilov is planning an offensive of his own.

The British and the French are eyeing June for their action at the Somme. They plan to position half a million troops along an eighteen-mile front. The British intend to put 120,000 men into battle the first day of the offensive.

The scale of the preparations is enormous.

“Troops unrolled 70,000 miles of telephone cable,” writes historian Adam Hochschild. “Thousands of soldiers unloaded and piled ammunition in huge dumps.”

The troops dig endlessly “to construct special roads and railways to speed supplies to the front….fifty-five miles of new railway line were built.”

With such huge preparations, the Germans can’t fail to notice that something enormous is underway. But when will the attack come?

General Brusilov, commander of Russia’s western forces, is pushing to launch his offensive in the coming month, a century ago.

The problem is, the Russians are weak and in trouble. “How far the Russian troops were capable of a strong offensive was unclear,” reports historian Martin Gilbert.

The Russians are looking at collapse and near mutiny in broad sectors of the front....

Read more at GreatWarProject.org

British troops in preparation for spring offensive at the Somme, 1916.

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