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Sync Call for Wednesday May 25 at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1. A symphony by Jonathan Leshnoff

2. Memorial Day Weekend activities

3. Press Conference with Secretary Leon Panetta

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Sync Call Minutes
May 25, 2016

Update from the States

Kansas City Symphony commemorate US entry into WWI

About the Composer

The Kansas City Symphony performed the world premiere of a symphony by Jonathan Leshnoff last weekend. The symphony commemorates the US entry into the war and is based on two letters from the National WWI Museum and Memorial collection.  Commissioner Matt Naylor, President of the museum, said that Leshnoff worked very closely with their archival team he is thrilled with the result and audience response.

State outreach Collaboration Call- June  2

We will  have our monthly State Outreach Collaboration Call next week on Thursday, June 2 at 12 pm eastern. The call will focus on Community-based Commemoration and how your state can engage its communities. We’ll talk about our new 100 Memorials / 100 Cities grant program, and we will have representatives from Texas and the Library of America. It’s shaping up to be a great call! Email the NationalCoordinationTeam@worldwar1centennial.org to get on the roster.


May is Memorial Month!

WWI Memorial architect, Joe Weishaar, wrote an OpEd piece that will be printed in newspapers across the country this weekend.  Just this morning the piece was printed in the Fort Worth Star Telegram!  We encourage everyone to read this op ed and to share it with everyone that they know! We’ll post the op ed in the minutes!
It will also be printed in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

YOU can help us , too:
-by writing letters to the editor
-by starting a conversation in civic groups you belong to
-and by discussing it among your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and so forth.
We have to get the word out about how important this memorial is and you are an essential piece in this puzzle.
We’ll include links to a helpful document in the minutes.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Saturday, May 28 th, 11 am
Our friends and partners at the Pritzker Military Museum and Library and the Upper Midwest Region for State Outreach will have a float in Chicago’s Memorial Day parade!  The Float honors the 66th Division from Illinois. They will have reenactors and WWICC volunteers. Thanks to Susan Mennega for organizing this float! Follow us on social media for photos.

Monday, May 30th, at 2pm
We will be attending the National Memorial Day Parade in DC again this year. Dave Lockard with the WWI Packard Truck is coming back for the 3rd year.  Our reenactors will be on the mall with WWICC volunteers. Huge thank you to Chris Isleib for organizing this every year!


If you are in the LA area on Memorial Day, we encourage you to head to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is a WWI Memorial built in 1923
Live Music
Color Guard
Torch lighting
Guest Speakers including our WWICC volunteer, Courtland Jindra

Memorial Day Ceremonies at National Cemeteries: 2016

As we’ve announced previously, we have  a listing of all the ceremonies at national cemeteries across the country on Memorial Day, courtesy of our Ex Officio Member at the Dept of Veterans Affairs, Joe Curtin. Check it out on our website - link in the minutes.



Press Conference with Secretary Leon Panetta

Last week we were at the National Press Club to announce our newest advisors to the Commission. Secretary Leon Panetta headlined the event along with Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Dr. Vint Cerf aka “The Father of the Internet”, Sandy Pershing, and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun.

You can watch a video of the press conference in our video library atww1cc.org/video

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park

You can also check out the new section of the national web site that features the National WWI Memorial Project. You can get to it by going to WW1CC.org/memorial

The Great War Channel


Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. New episodes come out every Thursday.  Newest videos include: The Age of Warlords: China in WWI
Week 95 of the Great War
Short, informative- we really encourage you to follow these guys on YouTube. They are also great videos to share in the classroom-  good source for teachers.
You can check them out on our homepage at ww1cc.org or by using the links we’ll include in the minutes.

The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster



Join us again next week! Register here.


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