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Dayton photographer part of World War I documentary 

By Ty Greenlees
via the Dayton Daily News (Ohio) newspaper web site

DAYTON, OHIO — Last year, 2018 marked the 100th year since the end of World War I. The War to End All Wars was not only historic for the immense loss of life and more powerful weapons, but it was the first use of powered aircraft in warfare.

Volunteer pilots from the United States formed the Lafayette Escadrille under French command in 1916 to fly and fight for the French, and eventually move the U.S. to join their Allies in the war.

The flying was dangerous, even without the war. The rudimentary biplane designs made from wood and fabric had barely progressed past the Wright’s first flight a short 13 years before. 

In celebration of this 100th anniversary of WWI, four collaborators from across the U.S. — including one from Dayton — released a documentary about the Lafayette Escadrille.

Dayton Connection

Local aviation photographer, historian and author Dan Patterson is one of the producers and the art director of a 20-minute documentary version for The United States World War One Centennial Commission titled “The Lafayette Escadrille.”

The film makers collected original film footage, photographs and historical records and conducted interviews with descendants of the pilots. Film of replica WWI aircraft in dogfights over the Pennsylvania countryside is used to give a pilot’s perspective of the close combat between the fragile airplanes.

Read the entire article on the Dayton Daily News web site here:

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