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norman prince aircraftVoisin Type 8 Voisin 8 / Voisin VIII) pusher equipped with what appears to be a 37mm cannon. The Voisin Type 8, in particular the cannon armed type, was used frequently on night attack and bombing missions by the French air services during the First World War. Norman Prince was an American aviator and pilot who was a founding member of the Lafayette Escadrille. Prince would perish from head injuries sustained in October 1916 when his Nieuport 17 tangled with telegraph cables and crashed. This aircraft was named "Norman Prince" in his honor. (Provincial Archives of Alberta.)

"A Prince In Sky-Blue Uniform" pays tribute to WWI American aviator Norman Prince 

via the French Cultural Center of Boston web site

On April 19, 2019 the French Cultural Center of Boston will present a live theatre play entitled " A Prince In Sky-Blue Uniform: Paying Tribute to War Hero Norman Prince" at 6:30 p.m. at the Center.

Sous Lieutenant Norman Prince summer1916 smallSous Lieutenant Norman Prince in the summer 1916.The emotional play, written by Jean-Claude Redonnet and directed by Richard Sewell, pays tribute to Massachusetts-born war hero Norman Prince, portrayed by David Bliss. Norman is one of the many Americans who fought and perished for the freedom of France and the World during World War I.

The 40-minute play will be introduced by Jean-Claude Redonnet. A complimentary wine reception will follow the performance. RSVP is required; tickets will not be sold at the door. Click here for more information & reservations.

In October 1916, American aviator Norman Prince (1887-1916) succumbed to wounds inflicted during the crash of his Nieuport combat aircraft during WWI. This imaginary monologue represents Norman in the hospital during his last three days and evokes his commitment as an American volunteer in the service of France. Its objective is to deepen our understanding of the fallen hero and his relationship with his environment, comrades of the air squadron (Escadrille Lafayette) he helped create, and fellow citizens whose country is in the last days of its WWI neutrality.

Prince was born on August 31, 1887 in Beverly, Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1911. In January 1915, Norman, who spoke fluent French, sailed to France, and persuaded the French to allow the founding of the American Escadrille (squadron) in April 1916. Norman Prince was involved in 122 aerial combat engagements in which he was officially credited with five victories.

Prince was awarded the French Legion of Honor, Médaille Militaire, and Croix de Guerre. Prince was severely injured and died on October 15, 1916. His body was returned to the United States and buried in an elaborate tomb at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

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