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Soldiers over the topAmerican troops carrying guns climb over a sandbag revetment in France during World War I. (AP Photo)

Countdown: 100 Days to Bells of Peace 2020

By Kathy Abbott
Staff Writer

Announcing Bells of Peace, A World War I Remembrance, November 11, 2020, when everyone is invited to toll the “Bells of Peace” in honor of all those who served and sacrificed in World War I.

Countdown logo 2020To kickoff “Bells of Peace,” on August 4, 2020, join us for a 100-Day Countdown” to November 11, 2020 on our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The “100-Day Countdown” features stories commemorating the 100-day offensive on the Western Front leading up to WWI Armistice, November 11, 1918 when the guns fell silent and the bells tolled on the Western Front, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

During the WWI 100-Day Offensive, the U.S. and its Allies fought valiantly on the Western Front to push the Germans into retreat, resulting in an unexpected November 11, 1918 Armistice.

The fascinating details of these unprecedented 100 days, which were transformative in U.S. military history, included: key battles where an inexperienced U.S. Army came into its own and quickly distinguished itself; the Spanish Flu Pandemic traveled to Europe with our troops; chemical warfare decimated its final victims; the war in the sky and tank warfare raged; the Navy convoyed the perilous waters of the Atlantic; and much more.

Meanwhile on the home-front, Americans were contributing to the war effort with expectations of a long conflict ahead. The “100-Day Countdown” explores this through many primary sources including the NY Times and the Official U.S. Bulletin…. read this great detailed coverage to further understand how “The War That Changed the World” changed America forever.

To commemorate this moment on November 11, 2020, we invite you, your family and friends, your organizations, and your communities to toll the “Bells of Peace” and remember this pivotal moment in our Nation’s history and all those who served in World War I. Find out more about participating in “Bells of Peace” here:

And follow the story leading up to for 100 days it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

AviatorsPilots of the 94th Aero Squadron, American Air Force in front of a German aeroplane recently brought down by 1st Lieutenant "Fighter Ace" Edward (Eddie) Rickenbacker (second from the left in the first row).

USS Mount VernonUSS Mount Vernon after being torpedoed by German U-Boat