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Monuments & Memorials

"The centennial of World War One offers an opportunity for people in the United States
to learn about and commemorate the sacrifices of their predecessors."

from The World War One Centennial Commission Act, January 14, 2013

DCWorldWarMonumen 1World War One was a watershed in American history. The United States' decision to join the battle in 1917 "to make the world safe for democracy" proved pivotal in securing allied victory — a victory that would usher in the American Century.

In the war's aftermath, individuals, towns, cities, counties, and states all felt compelled to mark the war, as did colleges, businesses, clubs, associations, veterans groups, and houses of worship. Thousands of memorials—from simple honor rolls, to Doughboy sculptures, to grandiose architectural ensembles—were erected throughout the US in the 1920s and 1930s, blanketing the American landscape.

Each of these memorials, regardless of size or expense, has a story. But sadly, as we enter the war's centennial period, these memorials and their very purpose—to honor in perpetuity the more than four million Americans who served in the war and the more than 116,000 who were killed—have largely been forgotten. And while many memorials are carefully tended, others have fallen into disrepair through neglect, vandalism, or theft. Some have been destroyed. Watch this CBS news video on the plight of these monuments.

The extant memorials are our most salient material links in the US to the war. They afford a vital window onto the conflict, its participants, and those determined to remember them. Rediscovering the memorials and the stories they tell will contribute to their physical and cultural rehabilitation—a fitting commemoration of the war and the sacrifices it entailed.

Memorial Hunters Club

We are building a US WW1 Memorial register through a program called the Memorials Hunters Club. If you locate a memorial that is not on the map we invite you to upload your treasure to be permanently archived in the national register.  You can include your choice of your real name, nickname or team name as the explorers who added that memorial to the register. We even have room for a selfie! Check the map, and if you don't see the your memorial CLICK THE LINK TO ADD IT.

100 Cities - 100 Memorials

Geolocalisation bp
  • Memorial Hunters Club Submission: Steven King
S Washington & W Jackson
63555 Memphis

The statue is of a WWI Doughboy. It is dedicated to a soldier named Barnett by his mother. He was in the army for 43 days before dying of pneumonia at Ft. Riley KS

  • Memorial Hunters Club Submission: thewanderer
42141 Glasgow KY, USA
42141 Glasgow

This monument has been erected to the lasting memory of those men and women of Barren County who answered the call of their country in the Great War 1917-1918.

  • Dedication Date: 1997
Near 234 Washington St #303
47201 Columbus
  • Dedication Date: 1939
Near 234 Washington St #303
47201 Columbus
  • Dedication Date: 1929
Near 234 Washington St #303
47201 Columbus
  • Memorial Hunters Club Submission: Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70
E Adams Blvd
74006 Bartlesville

This bridge originally carried US-60, but today it has been bypassed by a modern bridge. However, this historic bridge remains in use as a connector for Commanche Avenue, a northbound (one-way) city street. The bridge has been preserved, and an interpretive sign has been placed under the bridge where a trail is located. The bridge features decorative pillars with 10 plaques memorializing more than 800 Oklahomans who served during World War I. The plaques were donated by Frank Phillips of Phillips Petroleum. Plaques and pillars have been restored & refinished.

E. Main St. and Ellicott St.
14020 Batavia

A base projecting from a large granite obelisk supports a bronze statue of Batavia resident Maj. Gen. Emory Upton dressed in a Civil War uniform. Atop the obelisk is a bronze eagle with outstretched wings, standing on a ball with four mooring rings. It was originally dedicated on August 6, 1919, to honor the soldiers, sailors, and marines from Genesee County. Later, dedications were added for the veter­ans of WWI, WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

  • American Legion post
  • Dedication Date: August 1923
47006 Batesville
320 E College Ave
72501 Batesville
No additional information at this time.
  • Memorial Hunters Club Submission: Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70 and D&M Bolstad
W. Bath Rd. & Lisbon Rd
03740 Bath

Originally Dedicated: 1923

The center grey granite column displays a bronze World War 1 plaque which reads:

            IN HONOR
1917 WORLD WAR 1918

Followed by the names of the 31 sons of Bath, NH who served in the “World War” including 2
who died in service, noted with a star preceding their name.


Plaques on either side of World War 1 list those who served and those who Made The
Supreme Sacrifice in World War 2 (91), Korea (29) & Vietnam (23). On the back of the
monument are plaques dedicated to those who served and sacrificed their lives in the
Revolutionary War (56), Civil War (124), The War of 1812 (35) and the Mexican War (5).

101 Carson St
89701 Carson City

Set on the Nevada State Capitol grounds and dedicated on November 9, 2018, The Battle Born Memorial is a sanctuary where the stories of Nevada's heroes’ can be shared and remembered. Etched for eternity, the monument bears the name of every fallen warrior from the Silver State as an everlasting memorial to their service and ultimate sacrifice.

  • American Legion post
1 E 7th St.
72653 Mountain Home

Courthouse for Baxter County, Arkansas.

1 E 7th St.
72653 Mountain Home
No additional information at this time.
  • John Pauling
  • Single figure -- soldier
  • Dedication Date: 1924
100 E. Midland St
48706 Bay City

Bay City Doughboy Statue by John Pauling

The Doughboy Statue was erected in 1924 after the Bay City Women's Improvement Committee approached the Bay City Commission about erecting a statue in 1923, Brady said. It cost $2,100.

The bronze statue has been under the care and auspices of the Bay County Library System. While there doesn't appear to be any documentation of maintenance of the statue, it's in remarkably good shape.

  • Memorial Hunters Club Submission: Memorial Hunter: Robert Shay, PH3, USNR-R, 1964-70
12500 SW Allen Blvd
97005 Beaverton

This park contains many different memorials commemorating service in World War 1, including one for submariners and one for Medal of Honor recipients from all wars. The park is also home to many more monuments and memorials unrelated to World War 1, including Oregon's first Vietnam War Memorial.

  • Dedication Date: 1925

The Survivor

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaque Erected in 1925, the World War I monument "The Survivor" features a lone surviving soldier standing on the battlefield with a dead comrade on one side and a fatally wounded soldier on the other.  It is the survivor who must continue to strive to achieve the final victory so that his compatriots will not have died in vain.  The cement statue was designed and hand carved by German-American sculptor and artist, Helmuth Von Zengen.  It was reported that an estimated 3,000 people attended its unveiling in 1925. The statue originally stood in front of Brown Machine and was later moved to Ross Lake Park in 1986.

  • Dedication Date: January 13, 1924
47421 Bedford
37 N. Main St.
21014 Bel Air

The castle-like Armory, designed by architect John Bentz Hamme; Builder: Lawrence Whalen & Co, was built in 1915, of Port Deposit granite, with two hexagonal crenellated towers and its machicolated cornice. Bel Air's local National Guard units marched from its doors to the Mexican border, and to service in Europe in World Wars I and II. This building has seen its share of patriotic festivals, community send-offs and a 1918 victory jubilee. The Armory even became Bel Air's Civilian Defense Headquarters during World War II. 

  • Common or green
  • Dedication Date: August. 17, 2002
  • August. 17, 2002
71004 Belcher

The memorial has four Roman black granite monuments with each side dedicated to honoring those who served in the following: WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and the War on Terrorism. In addition, one monument has one side stating “Victory & Peace” and on another monument a reminder of the attacks on the United States on Dec. 7, 1941, and Sept. 11, 2001. 

Town Common, Main St.
01007 Belchertown

An aluminum flagpole is supported by a square granite base bearing bronze plaques naming those from Belchertown who partic­ipated in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, and those who died in them. It was designed by Alderman & McNeish and was dedicated on September 23, 1961.