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Monuments & Memorials

"The centennial of World War One offers an opportunity for people in the United States
to learn about and commemorate the sacrifices of their predecessors."

from The World War One Centennial Commission Act, January 14, 2013

DCWorldWarMonumen 1World War One was a watershed in American history. The United States' decision to join the battle in 1917 "to make the world safe for democracy" proved pivotal in securing allied victory — a victory that would usher in the American Century.

In the war's aftermath, individuals, towns, cities, counties, and states all felt compelled to mark the war, as did colleges, businesses, clubs, associations, veterans groups, and houses of worship. Thousands of memorials—from simple honor rolls, to Doughboy sculptures, to grandiose architectural ensembles—were erected throughout the US in the 1920s and 1930s, blanketing the American landscape.

Each of these memorials, regardless of size or expense, has a story. But sadly, as we enter the war's centennial period, these memorials and their very purpose—to honor in perpetuity the more than four million Americans who served in the war and the more than 116,000 who were killed—have largely been forgotten. And while many memorials are carefully tended, others have fallen into disrepair through neglect, vandalism, or theft. Some have been destroyed. Watch this CBS news video on the plight of these monuments.

The extant memorials are our most salient material links in the US to the war. They afford a vital window onto the conflict, its participants, and those determined to remember them. Rediscovering the memorials and the stories they tell will contribute to their physical and cultural rehabilitation—a fitting commemoration of the war and the sacrifices it entailed.

Memorial Hunters Club

We are building a US WW1 Memorial register through a program called the Memorials Hunters Club. If you locate a memorial that is not on the map we invite you to upload your treasure to be permanently archived in the national register.  You can include your choice of your real name, nickname or team name as the explorers who added that memorial to the register. We even have room for a selfie! Check the map, and if you don't see the your memorial CLICK THE LINK TO ADD IT.


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Claude Close Howard Monumentloupe
700 S Silver Ave
USA 88030

This monument, dedicated on September 12, 1921, consists of a concrete and granite base on which is mounted a bronze plaque and small porcelain photo.  It was erected in honor of Claude Close Howard (1896-1918), the only man from Deming, NM killed in World War I. Funds were raised by public subscription, with a limit of one dollar per person."  The monument stands in front of the Luna County Courthouse. 

The plaque reads:

M.G.Co. 356th INFANTRY
BORN MARCH 4, 1896

Clay County Veterans Memorialloupe
25 Court Sq
USA 36251
Clay County War Memorialloupe
800 West Second St
USA 72422
No additional information at this time.
Clay County War Memorial Buildingloupe
USA 47834

This building houses all Clay County Memorial Plaques since World War I.

Clay County World War I Memorialloupe
Broad Street and East Street
West Point
USA 39773

Front inscription:
Erected 1927 by Horse-Shoe Robertson Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution in tender memory of Clay County World War Veterans.

West Point Army Officers:
Navy - Marine
[List of names]

Clay County Army Officers:
[List of names]

Supreme sacrifice men of West Point and Clay County:
[List of names]

Left side:
The Horse Shoe Robertson Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution wish to go on record as deeply grateful to the World War veterans for service rendered.

[List of chapter member names]

Rear inscription:
West Point, Miss. & Clay County
Army, Navy & Marines
[List of names]

Right side:
Clay County Army, Navy & Marines
[continuation of names]

Clayton Memorial Triangleloupe
Main, Monroe, and Railroad Sts.
USA 88415

The memorial is a white three-sided structure with a flat top, on which is mounted a sundial. It all sits atop a low three-sided con­crete base with rounded corners, lt honors the men from Union County who died in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. It was designed by the Clayton Garden Club and was dedicated on Veterans' Day, 1953. Later plaques were added in 1984.

Clearwater County WW1 Memorial Trees and Lost Soldier’s Memorial Plaques loupe
150 Michigan Street
USA 83544

A row of beautiful trees line the sidewalk leading to the Courthouse.
Each tree has a dedication plaque in memory of one lost soldier.
This is a very modest memorial to sons of Clearwater County Killed In Action in “The World War”. The memorial is so modest that local Veterans Service Organization were not aware of it.
When I called to make them aware of this poignant memorial they thanked me profusely for bringing it to their attention.
— R. Shay, Volunteer Monument Hunter, United States World War 1 Centennial Commission

Cleburne County War Memorialloupe
120 Vickery St
USA 36264
Cleburne County War Memorialloupe
301 W. Main St.
Heber Springs
USA 72543
No additional information at this time.
Clemson College WWI Memorialloupe
105 Sikes Hall
USA 29631

The inscription on this memorial reads: 

In Proud Remembrance of
Those Sons of
Clemson College
Who Gave Their Lives in the Great Cause

1917 - Of Liberty and Justice - 1918

Claude S. Garrett '17 1st Lt. 8th Aero Sq.
Richard H. Johnson '15 1st Lt. 56th Inf.
George L. McCord '11 1st Ly. 325th Inf.
John M. McIntosh '14 1st Lt. 357th Inf.
Stephen M. Richards '15 1st Lt. 87th Inf.
Augustus M. Trotter '15 1st Lt. 7th Inf.
Harry C. Horton EX,'19 2nd Lt. 11th Inf.
David E. Monroe '17 2d Lt. 16th Inf.
John B. Ryan '08 2nd Lt. 422nd Lab Bn.
Ozbourne T. Sanders '11 2nd Lt. Field Art.
Henry L. Suggs '16 2nd Lt. 85th Aero Sq.
Herbert F. Bethea '10 Sgt. M.P.
William G. Williams EX,'15 Sgt. 308th San. Tn.
John W. Hollowell EX.'17 Cpl. 117th Eng.
Henry A. Coleman EX.'14 Pvt. 1st Cl. 306th F.S.Bn.
James N. Goldsmith SP.'14 Pvt. 1st Cl. M.G.T.S.
George W. Hairston EX.'13 Pvt. 1st Cl. Q.M.C.
Frank P. Salter '14 Pvt. 1st Cl. Air Services
Robert L. Atkinson '19 Pvt. S.A.T.C.
Edward R. Roberts Ex.'17 Pvt. 105th Am. Tn.
John A. Simpson '15 Pvt Field Art.
Guy B. Taylor Ex.'15 Lt. Med. Corps, Navy
Arthur A. Madden '18 Mach. Mate, Navy
Frank S. Stewart Ex.'21 Seaman, Navy

Cleveland County Courthouseloupe
20 E Magnolia St, Rison, AR 71665
USA 71665
No additional information at this time.
Cleveland County Courthouse Memorialloupe
20 Magnolia St.
USA 71665
Courthouse in Cleveland County, Arkansas.
Clinch Co. - Homerville - memorialloupe
Clinch County Courthouse - 22 Court Square
USA 31634
Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Reese

Description:  Granite monument in the shape of the county, commemorating the service of those from this area. 

Inscriptions:  “In memory and honor of the men and women of Clinch County who defended our freedom through military service.”


A white marble monument for WW2 service is included in this gallery.

Clinton County Veterans Memorialloupe
USA 46041
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Cobb Co. - Smyrna - Veterans Memorial Parkloupe
1311 Bank St. SE (corner of King and Bank Streets)
Photos courtesy of Lamar Veatch

The City of Smyrna Veterans Memorial Park is a expansive area with large, inscribed granite walls anchoring one end of the park.  The portion of the inscription dedicated to WW1 lists seventeen names.  These are included in the Memorial Database located elsewhere on this website.  The inscription above the names reads:  “To Secure the Blessings of Liberty - Those Who Died in Service to Their Country.”

Coffee County Veterans Memorial loupe
Veterans Memorial Park, 661 E Davis St
USA 36323
Col. Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge and Parkloupe
Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge and Park
USA 18510

Col Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge and Park

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaque Col. Frank Duffy was the highest ranking officer from Scranton to be killed in action during World War I.  In November 2018, to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day 1918, the new Frank Duffy Memorial Park was dedicated, including a Viquesney "Spirit of the American Doughboy" statue and 11 trees which are symbolic of the Great War ending on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.  Since its unveiling on Memorial Day 1940, the statue had previously been standing at the foot of the nearby Col. Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge. Frank Joseph Duffy was born in Scranton in 1884.  After working as an electrical engineer for several years, he became a doughboy after America joined the war in 1917.  He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, second in command of the 103rd Engineers (which still exists today as a unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard).  He was killed in August 1918 on a scouting expedition, just three months before the end of the war

Colbert County War Memorialloupe
201 N Main St
USA 35674
Colbert County WW1 Memorialloupe
W 3rd & N Main
USA 35674

This memorial is in front of the county court house in honor of the town's 19 who died in WW1.

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Cole County WWI Memorialloupe
301 E. High St.
Jefferson City
USA 65101

This bronze plaque and stone memorial, topped with a bronze eagle, stands as a memorial to Cole County WWI veterans. It includes a list of those who died during their service, one of which was a Red Cross worker. 

The memorial stands on the corner of the lawn of the Cole County Courthouse.

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Coleman Veterans Memorialloupe
450 E Railway St, Coleman, MI 48618
USA 48618

Coleman Veterans Memorial

     In May of 2007 the Zylman Family lost their son Casey in Iraq. They wanted to do something to honor Casey’s memory. Randy Zylman served with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam, and Casey also served with the 25th Infantry as a Calvary Scout during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After much thought it was decided that they wanted to honor the Coleman Community and all Area Veterans with something bigger. The Coleman Veterans Memorial Committee was founded.

There are 3 walkways leading into the center of the court yard. It represents the service men and women who answered the call to duty, coming together from all directions, walks of life, and their own personal reasons to serve our nation and become America's defenders.

 The outer circle represents how the individual services circle together to protect our country and how we are unified as one nation and as brothers and sisters. All 5 service flags representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are on the perimeter of the circle.

   "Bricks of Honor" are within the inner walkway. The personalized bricks of those who served our nation, it consists of Coleman community members, Midland County, Isabella County and people all over our country who purchased a brick to honor their loved one or friends who served.

 The Center

   The remaining statues will be a shade of white. This represents the spirits of those who gave their lives in those wars. It also represents their motives were pure when they served. The 3rd Soldiers Statue is from Vietnam Era. His hand is reaching out the shoulder to offer strength. The 4th is from Korea and the 5th is from WWII and our last statue is from WWI to complete our memorial. They are all filing into the court yard to honor and console a brother.


We came into service as individuals, we left as brothers and sisters, 
As family, who fought and died for each other. 
So come and visit our memorial! Join us and be a part of something special in our community, help us educate the young members of our community. 

There are 2 other war memorials in the front of the court yard placed on either side of the American Flag. These are the 2 original Veterans Memorials from the VFW memorial. They were moved here from their original resting place to be a part of this special Memorial. Our Nations Flag is centered on the memorials. The POW/MIA Flag is seated to its left and the State of Michigan flag is on the right.

 The Statues are facing away from you as you walk into this memorial so that when you visit our beautiful memorial, you will be walking into the court yard along with the soldiers, taking in all the names of those who served, to those who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, to pay tribute, honor and reflect with them. This memorial is an educational tool to show what the cost we have paid to be a free nation.

We came into service as individuals, we left as brothers and sisters, 
As family, who fought and died for each other. 
So come and visit our memorial! Join us and be a part of something special in our community, help us educate the young members of our community. 


"United by Sacrifice" 
That is the meaning of our memorial. The original stands at the legendary Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, home of the 25th Infantry Division. They have allowed us to share their memorial from across the Pacific! 

Honoring those who served, Dedicated to those who sacrificed!

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College Point War Memorialloupe
Mall Eighteen
USA 11356

In memoriam to the men of College Point who made the supreme sacrifice during the World War, April 6, 1917 - November 11, 1918: Oscar Ammann --- Albert W. Frey --- August Biegler --- Christian Geidel ---August Breisacher --- Charles O. Mahler --- Benjamin Blue --- Thomas Mc Cormack --- Rudolph Brugger --- William J. Mohrmann --- William Buerger --- Louis Schmidt --- John H. Embree --- Emil Schwab --- John B. Endres --- Edward Stack --- Thomas Fagan --- Alfred Stengel

College Square Memorialloupe
Southbridge St.
USA 01610

First dedicated on November 12. 1944, this is a large stone wall with a Plexiglass-covered wood panel containing inscription plaques. On its top is a circular relief of a shield under a spread-winged eagle. It was moved about 100 feet north and rededicated on June 8, 1969. After a restoration project, it was once again rededicated on No­vember 13,1983.

lt initially honored the boys and girls of Malvern Road School who served in WWI. A later plaque is a tribute to the men and women of South Worcester who served during the Korean and Viet­nam Wars.

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Collegeville Memorial Boulderloupe
W 5th Avenue & Park Avenue
USA 19426
11 NOV 1932

This memorial consists of a boulder with attached plaque honoring the service members from the community who fought in WWI.




NOV. 11, 1932

Collier County Veterans Memorial Monumentloupe
USA 34102

This is an "all wars" monument honoring veterans who were born in Collier County, FL, who lost their lives in combat.


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